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Why Digg sucks for many being 'Dugg'

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  • This article has click-buttons to Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and Slashdot.

    That the Slashdot Effect has given way to the Digg Effect is another nail in the coffin [].

  • Joel sees more reliable growth from what he considers quality referrals. These are usually links from personal blogs, friend referrals, or the occasional Twitter posting. By sticking to a network of like minded geeks, and by building a loyal fan base, he's able to show a healthy growth rate.

    Common sense to me. The ease and sleaze of Internet marketing techniques is certainly lowering the cash flow for companies and customers of Google.

    In the 90's I was thinking of setting up a Web site, but I've noticed that just about every topic was already taken up by somebody else (not to mention that I never had money for hosting costs). These days I'm more worried about a Web site being blacklisted, SLAPP suits, legal expenses, etc. It don't matter how hard I try to think of innocuous ideas; just about e

  • First, completely worthless post. I take more time and care explaining why Pudge loves the taste of salty man-batter than this dude did with his so-called +1 Interesting idea.

    Second, how old is this? Were we not having exactly the same discussion with exactly the same conclusions here on Slashdot, when the green monster ruled in those pre-Fark, pre-Digg days?


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