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Silicon Graphics

SPAM: Glass 4

Journal by stoolpigeon
This article on glass and its properties is pretty interesting. But the best part of it was this hilarious quote:
"The ability to take microscopy movies has greatly improved during the past five to 10 years," Weeks says. "Back in the mid-90s, the raw data from one two-hour data set would be four gigabytes. It would have completely filled up your hard drive. Now, it's just a tiny part of your hard drive, like a single DVD."

I think I know what he means - but at least as I read it, it didn't come out that way. It would have helped if he had just said the ability to store microscopy movies has improved - not the ability to take them.
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  • 4 GB doesn't come anywhere close to filling my (relatively small) hard drive and one DVD (full-length movie) is a lot more that 4 GB, isn't it?
    • a single layer dvd is 4.7 gig. it struck me as funny because as i read it, it seemed to me that he was saying the filming technique had made the file smaller - but as I looked at it, i think the remark was more aimed at the fact that hard drives have become much larger. maybe it was just funny to me, that happens a lot.
    • I think in the mid 90's a 4 gig hard drive would be pretty big, at least for a home computer.

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