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Comment Re:health insurance is like auto insurance now (Score 1) 2424

Well, I was extending your logic. You said that you have to buy insurance if you have a car because only people with cars have to worry about having insurance. All of the examples that you cited required people to pay only if the tax or insurance applied to them. Then when you get to health care, you throw that logic out the window to suit your opinion.

Comment Re:health insurance is like auto insurance now (Score 1) 2424

The real problem I have with this 'you must buy health insurance or else' clause, is the fact that I now have to pay money for the right to be a citizen of this country.

This has never existed before. All previous taxes/fees/mandated insurance were based on you doing/earning something first:

Income taxes: Only if you earn money

Auto insurance: Only if you drive a car

Property taxes: Only if you own property

Health Care: Only if you can get sick or injured

Now, however, the second you become an adult in this country you have to pony up money to the government or insurance company, or else you will be fined.

I am strongly opposed the the bill, but your logic fails.

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