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by stonedead (#47705217) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

but sadly, nothing open source can touch MS Outlook + Lync

Have you used Lotus F*ing Notes? At work here, we use Lotus F*ing Notes and it has the best F*ing UI in the whole world. Really, it is a beautiful, elegant, and easy to use. It is so simple that I can use it with my eyes closed, ears shut and a bullet in my cerebrum.

+ - LASIK with current medical improvements - yay or nay? 1

Submitted by stonedead
stonedead (2571785) writes "I have been contemplating getting a LASIK surgery done on both my eyes. I am 26 years old and code for a living. I am near sighted and optical power required to correct my left and right eyes are -5 and -6 dioptres respectively. Considering the article on Slashdot today about a guy getting LASIK to enjoy VR, I am more curious about this.
I could find an Ask-Slashdot about this 12 years ago:
I would like to know how much has this technology progressed since then. I have found a couple of forums that advocate the LASIK while some sites are completely against it ( for example). What is the opinion of the Slashdot crowd?"

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