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Oh stop being a paranoid dipshit. HEPA filters are well understood, aren't made by this guy, and have been being tested by hospitals for fourty years.

"OMFG he claims a hepa filter does what hepa filters do??!!?!? WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE IT"

Because it's pretty obviously a sensible claim. Duh. Go to Target, spend the $20 it would take to try it yourself, and please grow up a little bit.

I mean seriously, what kind of person thinks putting an air filter in front of a fan doesn't actually filter air? Seriously.

Comment: If Amazon would just finish the job already (Score 1) 321

by stonecypher (#47112761) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer

So many of my books only work on certain platforms :|

I can't read a bunch of my books on my glorious 4k screen because Amazon's treating Windows 8 like a second class citizen. Peter Thiel's new book? Nope. Half my machine learning books (eg Blondie24?) Nope. Most of my typesetting books? Nope.

Even stuff that works on Windows 7, or on Windows 8 Phone, ffs.

Comment: No. Absolutely not. (Score 3, Interesting) 113

My RevoDrive failed in three weeks of light use, and they refused to honor the warranty.

Toshiba also refuses to honor the warranty, despite that they admit that the purchase was real and that the existing warranty was not honored, and despite that I am a standing Toshiba customer.

Therefore nothing has changed, and you do not want a RevoDrive.

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by stonecypher (#46552753) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

As a matter of viewpoint, I see this quite differently.

I think science didn't actually reject the various religious ideas. They all get tolerated. They've all been tested. There's contrarian data.

I don't find it discriminatory to give something a chance, then learn from detail that it isn't correct.

I think science is actually wildly tolerant of bizarre ideas.

Comment: This is more than a little bit naive. (Score 4, Informative) 712

For one, more plants would just spring up. Even if part of the buyout was "you may never go into coal again," someone else may. The economic structure of energy is why coal is still king, and buying out the current players won't change that.

For two, the cost of shutting that industry down does not cover the cost of starting new energy industries to replace it. Or were we just going to go without 37% of our electricity?

For three, coal works efficiently and predictably at far smaller scale than most energy technologies. Many of the locations coal services today cannot be practically services by other generation methods.

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by stonecypher (#46372295) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

You do know that in Modern times the first decriminilazation of homosexual activity was en-acted under Napolean, in 1811?

Why, yes. I even said that, in my comment, though I named the country instead of the leader. Search my comment for France.

You spelled his name wrong, you got the wrong leader, and you got the year wrong. It was during the French Revolution, not under Napoleon; it was in 1791, not 1811; it was the Constituent Assembly, in replacing the penal code, not by a single leader. .

NOTHING with regards to human rights started in the US.

Lol okay :) .

You are so fucking ignorant you make Fox News seem informed.

Says the guy who tried to make a correction to a comment that already contained what he wanted to say, and in a single factual claim made three fundamental errors.

I mean you at least got which country it was right, at least.

This isn't Reddit. Generally slashdotters are expected to hold better behavior than this.

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by stonecypher (#46341087) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

Did it ever occur to you that this might be more complicated than it seems from the outside, and that the politics going on here might not actually reflect the bulk of the population?

Would you like to tell us what country you're in, so that we can share with you how we feel about your country's choices?

The modern homosexual rights movement started in the United States, and has derived the vast bulk of its force from the United States. The United States has the first gay rights group, the first gay bookstore, the first gay bar, the first gay political group, the first gay autobiography in modern times, the first magazine openly for gays and about gay culture; we invented and performed the first sex reassignment (Sweden was the first to make that legal, but that's because it was never illegal here; we performed the first one seven years before anyone else made it legal;) we were the first to successfully fight discharge over orientation, though far from the first to allow gays in the military directly; we were the first modern Western country to have a gay leader at the senator level, though we have not yet hit the presidential level and Iceland has; if you remove France, who got it in the late 1700s, we were the first Western country to eliminate sodomy laws; we had the first gay kiss on a major magazine cover (probably first at all, but who can exhaustively search minor magazines?,) we started the transsexual rights movement, the first officially sanctioned university group for gay advocacy, we invented pride parades and hold them everywhere; we created gay as a protected class for discrimination, also trans, and we'll probably be the first to poly; we had the first gay ordained minister; we invented the rainbow flag (sorry, I wish it was less ugly) and thereby probably the first major pride symbol (but I can't exclude so maybe there's something earlier?,) we started the Gay Games, we missed the first statuory discrimination ban by months, we had the first city and first territory (state, thank you) to extend marriage benefits to gay partners, we came to terms with AIDS way ahead of the pack, we did gay adoption first, etc.

Are you sure Americans are anti-gay, and not just a country of a third of a billion people who have a handful of bad apples, a media system faking controversy to generate viewership, a slashdot reader who's forgotten what percentage of the internet is trolling, and a parochial political system pandering to margins to get voted in?

The phrase "utter fucking cunts" suggests the UK, and to look at Wikipedia's gay rights map, it looks like the US and the UK are world leaders, and that the US is ahead of the UK.

Looks like England is ahead of the US, but hey, California's ahead of England, and California is both larger than and nearly as populous as Britain, so I think that's the actual natural comparison. You guys don't have national gay marriage observation yet. We *do*. (We don't have national performance yet, but that's no big deal; just take a $200 trip to California. It's still binding in every hateful corner of the South. The UK has no such privilege.) North America is the only continent where this is wall to wall legally supported; Eastern Europe misses it by four countries (no illegal but four no recognition,) and South America by six (five no recognition, one illegal.)

Africa has only one country where gay marriage is legal, and Asia has only one (and shockingly it's not Japan) plus six more where it's not recognized.

Uganda just recently worsened their practice to making homosexuality a capital offense. Cameroon, Iran, Nigeria, and Ethiopia all carry the death penalty (these are all nations in the Britain population range.)

The United States is vascillating over whether it's legal for a private business to choose to ask someone to leave over their preference. And we're so shocked by this that there's a national uproar.

We've had several states where this has been legal for decades, and our states are often the size of what you think of as small countries.

So slice it and dice it however you want, but I think the US is actually doing quite well with regards to homosexuality law, thanks.

Please don't blame me and my countryfolk for the things that happen on TV.

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