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Submission + - Oops!? Multiple Undersea Fiber Issues

stinkydog writes: "My overseas users started pitiching a fit this morning and I finally found a good line at Bloomberg.Com on what happened:

Internet and telephone communications between the Middle East and Europe were disrupted after three submarine cables between Italy and Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea were damaged. The failures cut the flow of ``data of various kinds'' between Europe and the Middle East, and there's no timeframe for when communications will be restored, said Sanjeev Gaur, director of assurance at Reliance Globalcom Ltd. in India. France Telecom SA, which plans to send a maintenance boat to fix the problem, said the situation should be back to normal by Dec. 31."

Submission + - New Nuclear Power

stinkydog writes: "To quote the classics (aka Civilization), "My words are backed by nuclear weapons". We all knew they had them, but North Korea offically joined the Nuclear Club at 0136 GMT by detonating a device near Kilju city. Time to start stocking up on ammo for the coming apocolypse. Early reports can be see at CNN.Com and BBC.Com."

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