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Comment: Re:Titanurrito (Score 0) 104

by stifler9999 (#43167325) Attached to: Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere
Fry: "Hey, as long as you don't make me smell Uranus." *laughs*
Leela: "I don't get it."
Professor: "I'm sorry, Fry, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to end that stupid joke once and for all."
Fry: "Oh. What's it called now?"
Professor: "Urectum. Here, let me locate it for you."
Fry: "Hehe, no, no, I think I'll just smell around a bit over here."

Comment: Re:The more..... (Score 0) 384

by stifler9999 (#42503511) Attached to: What Are the Unwritten Rules of Deleting Code?
I'm not a programmer, but this makes sense to me. Leave it for a release or two then delete it if it proves no problems removing it. It allows thoses who are looking for problems in the code to know what has been changed. I thought compilers removed commented code, so it shouldnt matter if the commented code is there for a while because the compiled exe would not be affected size wise.

Comment: Re:If I was cynical... (Score 1, Interesting) 277

by stifler9999 (#40929379) Attached to: US Is Finally Cleaning Up Agent Orange In Vietnam
I too have travelled Vietnam. It is a wonderful place, either traditional areas or the resort'ed areas. I agree that they are the happiest people Ive met, although that is always after they ask the same first question. "Are you American?" (No, Australian) "Good" - Then it is smiles and help all round.

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