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Comment: Re:Putin actually speaks the truth (Score 1) 396

Indeed! Russia also requires all telcoms and ISPs, at their expense, to install monitoring equipment of the internet and telephones, This project is called SORM (wikipedia entry for SORM). The system was put into place around 1996-2000, but it has been used as recently as the Winter Olympics (source). It is explicitly a mass-surveillance system, so either Putin is lying or he is bending the truth: Russia doesn't pay for it... but by law the telcoms have to pay it. They don't do illegal wiretapping because it is explicitly legal. And you're right, they might not have the ability to store all that data for long periods of time, but you can be sure they are targeting people. And you can be sure they are targeting foreign governments too (of course). Heck, there were several diplomatic leaks at the beginning of the Crimean crises in order to strain US-EU ties. You can be sure that's due to Russia's intelligence services.

Comment: Re:Terrible precedent (Score 1) 1482

by Xenographic (#46646193) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

You're part of an angry mob. I can almost hear the "rabble rabble rabble." Hate is ugly man and trying to pick some random person to vent your frustrations on is not cool. The Obama example is just to point out that your selection of targets is arbitrary.

I get that you're mad, but it makes you really ugly inside. Tolerance is live and let live. What you spout is just another kind of hate. I know your justification, I hear it all the time, but ever notice that all the people saying it are haters? Are you just another hater? Hate everyone for not agreeing with you so you can feel superior? Another guy in the mob too scared to think for yourself?

Because that's what I'm seeing and I'd really like to see that change.

Comment: Re:"Digital recordings will be unplayable" (Score 1) 440

by Fred Foobar (#44799585) Attached to: Why Steve Albini Still Prefers Analog Tape

Can you tell a 15kHz sine wave from a 15kHz sawtooth wave? A CD can't, because there are only three samples per crest and almost every teenager can easily hear 15kHz.

Even a teenager cannot tell the difference between a 15kHz sine wave and a 15kHz sawtooth wave. The first harmonic of a 15kHz sawtooth wave above the fundamental frequency is at 30kHz. Please don't tell me that you believe that any human can hear frequencies that high.

Comment: Re:Don't feel sorry for anyone using PayPal (Score 2) 443

by Surazal (#44764691) Attached to: PayPal Freezes MailPile's Account

Sometimes there are services that don't have another option for online payment *other* than PayPal. It kind of sucks, but there it is. Just make sure you never keep any money in the account. PayPal's been pulling this kind of shit for years. I'm surprised no one has taken them to court over it yet (or if they had, why it hasn't made the news).

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by TheLoneGundam (#44390721) Attached to: NOAA Goes Live With New Forecasting Supercomputers
Yes, I believe you _can_ get a lot of the raw data via NOAA's site, it is I believe free for US citizens since we already paid for it through funding NOAA. Maybe you can use Google's new algorithm for detecting 100,000 features in an image on a single computer to make the model run on you desktop in usable time - remember, as one of the NOAA sites quotes a scientist: if your model doesn't run in faster than real time, you might as well just swivel your chair to look out the window (assuming I'm not being an insensitive clod who doesn't pay attention to the fact that you don't have a window).

Comment: Compiler numerical innacuracies (Score 1) 641

by TheLoneGundam (#44176803) Attached to: Things That Scare the Bejeezus Out of Programmers
Once saw a FORTRAN compiler change cause _slightly_ different numerical results in a bridge engineering program. They did some work to verify that bridges built using the program compiled under the previous version of the compiler were structurally sound but that was the most fearful thing I could think of, that numerical inaccuracies in what the compiler generates could cause an engineering failure that could cause loss of life.

Comment: Re:Nothing does (Score 2) 276

by TheLoneGundam (#44114867) Attached to: Join COBOL's Next Generation
COBOL, which is compiled, doesn't need another language to run. It does, in many implementations, require a run-time library to supply common functions which are called by the compiled code - for example, the DISPLAY verb may be implemented as a common subroutine. On IBM mainframes, the run-time library support for many languages is provided by the Language Environment product.

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