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Comment: Re:One of those strange rules of war. (Score 1) 180

A laser bright enough that the reflections cause permanent or temporary blindness shown on a building in a frequency that humans cant detect could be pretty dangerous. Loss of sight for large civilian segments would be useful for the military, but would cause much collateral damage as everyone driving crashes into each other.

Comment: I am guessing they will make a sequel (Score 4, Insightful) 330

by stewsters (#47908299) Attached to: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion
My guess is that 2.5 billions is more than Minecraft and was worth. So why would Microsoft buy it?
They said they wont make changes to Minecraft, so how will they make money?

Announcing Minecraft 2, high definition, exclusively for XBone. In game mod store, where you can sell your texture packs for 99c and you get to keep 33% of the profit! That's how you push consoles to kids who grew up on the Minecraft while still raking in money.

Comment: Probably a few sites were hacked (Score 5, Informative) 203

by stewsters (#47874217) Attached to: 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked, Google Says No Evidence Of Compromise
With a gmail account anything after a plus is ignored. You can then use to denote what service you are on. It looks like some people did this, and seems like these credentials are stolen from a few different sites. Here are the most popular after plus endings from the 5 mill:

xtube : 176
daz : 133
1 : 125
filedropper : 88
daz3d : 66
eharmony : 64
friendster : 63
savage : 62
2 : 60
spam : 57
bioware : 54
savage2 : 52
bryce : 51
hon : 40
freebiejeebies : 32
3 : 28
eh : 27
4 : 25
policeauctions : 19
bravenet : 18
filesavr : 18

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