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Comment: Take the hard drive with you... (Score 1) 402

by stewartwb (#42186789) Attached to: The Trouble With Bringing Your Business Laptop To China
I keep the mounting screws out of my laptop hard drive's carrier, so I can easily swap in multiple drives. If I ever visit China, I'll make sure to carry the drive with me at all times in my coat pocket unless I'm actually using my laptop! (Plus, I encrypt the entire drive with TrueCrypt.)

Comment: Re:Full sized laptop key style (Score 2, Interesting) 310

by stewartwb (#34020268) Attached to: Ergonomic Mechanical-Switch Keyboard?
About a year ago, I switched from the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 to the Logitech DiNovo Wireless Keyboard for Notebooks, which I believe matches your description of a full-size keyboard with laptop-style keys.

The typing experience is superb! Although the layout is slightly different from the classic 104 key standard, I found I was able to touch type from day one, including cursor keys, I am also able to type faster and with less fatigue. I often prop up the front edge on a wrist rest to gain a reverse tilt, which helps with wrist strain.

Although Logitech discontinued this model (I bought two for $20 at that time), they now offer two illuminated models with the same PerfectStroke key mechanism - one wired, one wireless, and both overpriced. I'm keeping an eye on DealNews to grab one when they briefly hit a reasonable price point.


NYT's "Games To Avoid" an Ironic, Perfect Gamer Wish List 189

Posted by Soulskill
from the more-or-less dept.
MojoKid writes "From October to December, the advertising departments of a thousand companies exhort children to beg, cajole, and guilt-trip their parents for all manner of inappropriate digital entertainment. As supposedly informed gatekeepers, we sadly earthbound Santas are reduced to scouring the back pages of gaming review sites and magazines, trying to evaluate whether the tot at home is ready for Big Bird's Egg Hunt or Bayonetta. Luckily, The New York Times is here to help. In a recent article provokingly titled 'Ten Games to Cross off Your Child's Gift List,' the NYT names its list of big bads — the video games so foul, so gruesome, so perverse that we'd recommend you buy them immediately — for yourself. Alternatively, if you need gift ideas for the surly, pale teenager in your home whose body contains more plastic then your average d20, this is the newspaper clipping to stuff in your pocket. In other words, if you need a list like this to understand what games to not stuff little Johnny's stocking with this holiday season, you've got larger issues you should concern yourself with. We'd suggest picking up an auto-shotty and taking a few rounds against the horde — it's a wonderful stress relief and you're probably going to need it."

Comment: No embryo created from stem cells... (Score 1) 284

by stewartwb (#28831003) Attached to: Reprogrammed Skin Cells Turned Into Baby Mice
RTFA, anyone? In their study published in the journal Nature, scientists led by Qi Zhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing described how they injected reprogrammed mouse cells into an early-stage embryo to see whether the introduced cells contributed to the tissue of the eventual fetus. Of 37 stem-cell lines created by reprogramming, three yielded 27 live offspring. One of these pups, a seven-week-old male named "Tiny," mated with a female and produced young of its own. How does injecting cells into an embryo, then verifying that the cells were incorporated into the adult animal, possibly constitute "[using] the resulting cells to create live mouse offspring."

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