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Comment Re:gmail (Score 1) 155 155

You don't need to pay anything to get a certificate. You only need if you want it signed by a major CA. Something with closed membership like the bar association could just publish the fingerprint and have everyone trust the certificate manually.

it might be even wiser.

Yeah, I know I'd be happier with a bar issued certificate than a, say, DigiNotar one.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 1313 1313

And with a weird story. It sounds very much like what an American CEO thinks French union worker would talk like if you accused them of working a three hour day. "wee wee, eet eez ze Frrrrranch way" [twirls thin moustache, drinks some wine and eats some cheese]

Comment Re:I would want some kind of compensation to stay (Score 2) 113 113

In particular because they should recognise that the customer has all the power there. I normally won't cancel a service I'm using because I'm using it so it takes a lot to make me cancel. If I can't use the service, though, they should recognise how fragile their hold on me is.

Comment Ok, ok, I believe you know about game design (Score 5, Funny) 134 134

MVP and F2P eventually passed into regular industry jargon along with a boat load of other terms. Most every company involved in the space now talks about DAU, LTV, ARPU, ARPPU, ARPDAU and even ARPPDAU. They talk about performing cohort analyses. Some of them ask whether they are working on an MVP or an MDP? Most don’t really bother discussing viral K-factors any more, and instead obsess about the CPA of players. These are significant changes for an industry that used to worry more about Metacritic ratings.

Jesus, some executive just had a seizure on that guy's keyboard.

Comment Re:Works on programmer's computer ... (Score 1) 449 449

To translate things into terms that the slashdot audience may have an easier time understanding: The failure to reproduce a software bug on the programmer's system is hardly evidence that the software is fine.

It is still quite possible -- even likely -- that the software bug, or flight computer anomaly, is not caused by what the user thinks it was caused by. People are very good at finding patterns, but that includes spurious ones as well as real ones.

Although this is absolutely true, I hope you'll agree that it's not -- by itself -- a good reason to go out and do the thing you think might be causing the problem. It's certainly why we should keep looking for a definite culprit.

Comment Re:Pilots... (Score 1) 449 449

This is the problem with sic/tech reporting in the media today. They've made it "their experts say, our experts say". You just have to toss a coin. The quotes are telling too, though. The FAA never claimed that the power multiplies linearly, just that it's different.

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