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+ - How Apple Makes the New Mac Pro

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "Yesterday Apple released a new YouTube video giving a peek at how the new Mac Pro is manufactured. The Atomic Delights blog explains more about what you can see in the video.

Deep drawing is a process that very efficiently produces a "net shape" part. Apple could have just chucked a giant hunk of aluminum in a lathe and created the same part, but that amount of metal removal is extremely inefficient. Deep drawing efficiently creates a hunk of metal that is very close to the final shape of a Mac Pro in just a couple of operations.


+ - E-voting machine votes 100% wrong->

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "The New Bern, NC Sun Journal newspaper reports that some local voters have seen the e-voting machine record the exact opposite of the voter's request. There is a button to vote a straight Republican ticket, and when pushed, it voted a straight Democrat ticket. A local voter observed this behavior four times in a row; the fifth time, the button worked correctly. If ATMs were this unreliable, no bank would use them. Why is this level of failure acceptable in voting machines?"
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+ - Self-Cleaning Solar Panel Tech: 40% better yields->

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "From the article: "The technology involves first using a transparent, electrically sensitive material deposited on glass or a transparent plastic sheet covering the panels. Sensors monitor the levels of deposited dust on the panel. When the dust levels get too high, a charge is applied to the coating and the dust is physically move across the panel via the charge and dumped off the edges.

The procedure uses a minimal amount of energy, making it a viable cleaning solution. It removes 90 percent of dust, greatly improving power output. And best of all, the technology has already been stress tested by NASA space probes and rovers under the harsh Martian climate.""

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+ - Best Buy offers 3 computers for price of iMac-> 1

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "Microsoft announced a deal offered by Best Buy: a bundle with a desktop computer, a laptop, and a netbook, all with Windows 7 pre-installed, for $1199... the same price as Apple's least-expensive iMac. It was surprisingly hard to find the actual deal on the Best Buy web site, but with some digging I found: and click on "PC Home Makeover"."
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The Internet

+ - Craig's List used for evil->

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "We've seen stories about bogus Craig's List postings. It happened again and this time, it was an attempt by burglars to cover their tracks. A police officer said "Other Craigslist hoaxes we've seen were malicious..." which begs the question: how often does this sort of thing happen? Is this new, or has anyone ever pulled this sort of stunt with, say, a classified ad in a newspaper? Are people more inclined to believe one of these hoaxes if they read it on the Intarweb?"
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+ - Did LNDD prove Floyd Landis cheated?

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "The Floyd Landis arbitration hearing has just wrapped up. I have been following the story at Trust But Verify and it has been fascinating. At times the science was overshadowed by drama but in the end, it is the science that will decide Floyd Landis's fate. Did LNDD prove that there was exogenous testosterone in Floyd Landis's urine, or did they make enough mistakes to cause a false positive result?"

+ - "Dilbert" Creator Gets Voice Back -- Again

Submitted by steveha
steveha (103154) writes "Scott Adams lost his ability to speak normally, and then got it back again. A few weeks later, he caught a cold, and regressed. His blog tells the story of how he tried an unconventional treatment and how well the treament worked for him, with lots more details on Spasmodic Dysphonia and how to treat it. Extremely interesting reading."

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