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Comment: Re:The Answer (Score 1) 243 243

Except that they don't really work that well. The character set is undefined, so you end up with different interpretations of non ASCII characters in different apps. And not all necessary fields are available or get recognized in every app. Nope, I'd really like QR code to work for this, but they don't.

Comment: Re:QR codes don't all have destinations (Score 1) 234 234

That's the second time today I read about it, but there's no preferences option in this App. Do I have to tripple tap it with four fingers?

Scan is the first QR code scanner I installed on my iPad and later on my iPhone. There is nothing to change any options.

I look again: There's just the History

ARGHL! THERE IT IS! The settings are hidden on the history page!? WTF?

Comment: Re:QR codes don't all have destinations (Score 1) 234 234

I bought my iPhone this December and the high rated Apps (even searched the web for lists of QR scanners) never ask. Maybe they were first, but finding anything via the iPhone is tedious. It's better on the iPad, but I can't try 10 or 20 Apps for just one feature.

As for RedLaser: I think I've avoided it because of the company name "eBay Inc."

Comment: Re:QR codes don't all have destinations (Score 1) 234 234

I've searched for some time until I found a QR code scanner for iOS that does show me the URL first. There aren't many of them, I'll tell you. :-( The 6th was the right one, after I asked on Twitter, Reddit, a mobile phone newsgroup, and a Mac newsgroup. Qrafter is the name.

Comment: Re:idiocy? Incompetence? (Score 1) 269 269

Because people still insist in using their old and silly date format everywhere., dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy.

There's an international format called ISO 8601, which is accepted in almost every country around the world. yyyy-mm-dd with 4 digits for the year.

If such a date format would be common, nobody would even think about using only 2 digits (or less) to save a date. And no, 2010 wouldn't be interpreted as 2016. It would be wrong from the very beginning if somebody wants to interpret a BCD number as a hex number.

Implementation of the ISO 8601 Standard Around The World, including Europe, Germany, USA.

Comment: Re:Another game with no options (Score 1) 80 80

Not only is there nothing wrong with linear story lines, some of us actual prefer them. I hate those vast expansive worlds where you can just run around doing anything. I got flustered and overwhelmed when I get near the 25 quest limit in WoW, for example.

Part of the "entertainment" aspect (for me at least) is playing a game like watching a movie or reading a get to unveil the author's vision...not make your own. Some people want to make their own art -- some of us like discovering the artistry of others.

Comment: What is evolutionary about this? (Score 1) 127 127

I know a lot of people use the term "evolutionary" as a synonym for "gradual" or "slow" but when I think of evolution, I think of the specific process of mutations and reproduction by which a population changes over time. Unless there's something new about galaxies I've never heard of, I don't understand why the term "evolutionary" is the best word to describe the development of the early universe. (Or anything at astronomical scales that I can think of.)

Comment: There's more to it (Score 1) 394 394

You are oversimplifying the goals. There's more to it. Or you just repeat what the MSM is reporting about the Pirate Party. But the MSM is in fear right now because they have the most to lose from a success of the Pirate Parties. Here's the program of the German Piratenpartei:

Comment: Re:Don't be so sure (Score 1) 541 541

You couldn't view a web page with a gopher client. Times change. If you can't view a current page and all current browsers are capable of it, then you have to install the required software. The software is free and available for all platforms. And can be installed in parallel to old browsers like IE8, if you are on Windows. This has nothing to do with the "Best viewed in XYZ" we saw the last century. It's not a fight between to companies. We have open standards and all organizations support them, except one.

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