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Submission + - Ohmasa Gas makes water as fuel more feasible (

sterlingda writes: Mr. Ohmasa, president of Japan Techno, Inc., has devised a method of producing an unusual hydrogen-oxygen gas by using low frequency vibrations to circulate the water upon which electrolysis is run, creating a highly stable H2-O2 gas called Ohmasa gas which exhibits unusual characteristics. Also, while oxygen normally liquifies at -183 C, and hydrogen liquiefies at -253 C, Ohmasa gas liquefies at -178 C. Also, the Ohmasa gas does not escape from containers that hold oxygen but not normal hydrogen; it holds its pressure in the container, making storage and shipment feasible. Similar to Brown's Gas, one can wave their hand through the Ohmasa gas torch flame, yet that same flame will vaporize Tungsten in a second. When Ohmasa gas is burned, its emission is water vapor. Hence, with this new method, water could conceivably become the energy carrier of choice for energy produced from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Some modifications would likely need to be made to existing engines for it to work well with them, and it would require new tanks (gaseous rather than liquid), and new dispensing orifices.

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