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Comment Re:How to do it right. (Score 1) 210

They never actually made the final episode of that cartoon. I've seen the screenplay for it, and it would involve the children redeeming Venger and restoring him as Dungeon Master's son (which is apparently also mentioned in the first episode).

Personally, I'd love to see a live action finale to the cartoon (although it would really be aimed at us 80s kids, and Hollywood would rather do a reboot). It could involve Venger promising the now grown-up kids a way home if they turn over their weapons to him (that he was always after). Venger could show Hank how much grief has been caused to their families (the kids disappearing in the fairground and never being seen again) as a result of Dungeon Master having brought them to the realm, causing Hank to assist him in his task.

Something like that, anyway - wrap everything up and get some closure.

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