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Comment: Re: Hey Apple, here's some free consulting (Score 1) 155

by stephencrane (#48996127) Attached to: Apple Said To Be Working On a Pay TV Service
I think part of hulu's problem is that the transition to commercials are harsh, not in relation to transitions in the story, way too repetitive, and you're immediately frustrated (at least on desktop) when all the controls suddenly freeze/gray out during the ad. At least spottily lets you pick your battles with a prescribed number of skips per hour. All these things seem fixable. Have seemed fixable for ages. Yet they're not fixed. Their model is to practically insult you with a very similar experience with Hulu+. It doesn't matter if there's more content if you're still put off by the UI and ad experience. I would have thought hulu'd wise up by now, but the fact that they never did tells you they're in this business for another reason. More of a denial strategy, or negotiating leverage when competitors come to universal for streaming content contracts.

Comment: Maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 139

by stephencrane (#46408661) Attached to: 'Data Science' Is Dead
But this general domain in the realm of contemporary giant data sets is the basic science research of our times. To say that 'data scientist' roles are dead in the near future based on a ROI analysis is to suggest that all these huge data sets aren't likely to pay off for a corp in the near future. And that doesn't sound right at all.

Comment: Re:That's why I like the basic Kindle (Score 4, Informative) 418

by stephencrane (#39249523) Attached to: The eBook Backlash
Mod up. This is primarily why I got the Nook Simple Touch. (That, plus it can be rooted, reads epub, and there are already lots of easy ways to buy from Amazon.) Dedicated single-purpose devices, so long as they are inexpensive enough, tend to have the advantage over multi-purpose devices. I have an iPad, and they're two totally different animals. I only read pdfs on the ipad.

Comment: Want better gameplay? (Score 2, Interesting) 313

by stephencrane (#39024605) Attached to: <em>Twisted Metal</em> Designer Rails Against Storytelling Games
Go play Breakout. Or Super Breakout, if you need the flashbang. Want an audiovisual literary development with some level of interactivity? Play Planescape, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Fallout 2, KOTOR, etc. You can hate cut-scene-heavy games and still get great narrative. My personal opinion is that cut-scene segments are a bit of a cheat to get there if you're using them for all the heavy story lifting.

Comment: Re:Hollywood won't change (Score 2) 516

by stephencrane (#38927257) Attached to: You Will Never Kill Piracy
Kodak died because they didn't have the right culture to adapt to changing circumstances. They invented the first digital camera by a wide margin. They knew this was going to be 'a thing'. They just didn't know what to do with it, or how to go about it. The culture that builds a camera and optics meant to last decades is not automatically the best culture to spin off digital camera with ever-increasing feature on a planned obsolescence schedule. They were perfectionists who could not get out from under their Gillette profit model.

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