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Comment: Maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 139

by stephencrane (#46408661) Attached to: 'Data Science' Is Dead
But this general domain in the realm of contemporary giant data sets is the basic science research of our times. To say that 'data scientist' roles are dead in the near future based on a ROI analysis is to suggest that all these huge data sets aren't likely to pay off for a corp in the near future. And that doesn't sound right at all.

Comment: Re:That's why I like the basic Kindle (Score 4, Informative) 418

by stephencrane (#39249523) Attached to: The eBook Backlash
Mod up. This is primarily why I got the Nook Simple Touch. (That, plus it can be rooted, reads epub, and there are already lots of easy ways to buy from Amazon.) Dedicated single-purpose devices, so long as they are inexpensive enough, tend to have the advantage over multi-purpose devices. I have an iPad, and they're two totally different animals. I only read pdfs on the ipad.

Comment: Want better gameplay? (Score 2, Interesting) 313

by stephencrane (#39024605) Attached to: <em>Twisted Metal</em> Designer Rails Against Storytelling Games
Go play Breakout. Or Super Breakout, if you need the flashbang. Want an audiovisual literary development with some level of interactivity? Play Planescape, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Fallout 2, KOTOR, etc. You can hate cut-scene-heavy games and still get great narrative. My personal opinion is that cut-scene segments are a bit of a cheat to get there if you're using them for all the heavy story lifting.

Comment: Re:Hollywood won't change (Score 2) 516

by stephencrane (#38927257) Attached to: You Will Never Kill Piracy
Kodak died because they didn't have the right culture to adapt to changing circumstances. They invented the first digital camera by a wide margin. They knew this was going to be 'a thing'. They just didn't know what to do with it, or how to go about it. The culture that builds a camera and optics meant to last decades is not automatically the best culture to spin off digital camera with ever-increasing feature on a planned obsolescence schedule. They were perfectionists who could not get out from under their Gillette profit model.

+ - President Obama pledges to kill SOPA->

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EliSowash writes "With Wikipedia, Reddit, and a host of other sites readying themselves for a blackout tomorrow, President Barack Obama has stepped in and said he would not support SOPA. California congressman Darrell Issa, who has been opposed to the bill from the beginning, praised the Internet action that has swept like a virus across the Web the past week. “The voice of the Internet community has been heard,” said Issa. “Much more education for members of Congress about the workings of the Internet is essential if anti-piracy legislation is to be workable and achieve broad appeal.”"
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+ - Questions for MTA Capital Construction President M->

Submitted by ambermichelle
ambermichelle (2318196) writes "Time was, building a subway line in New York City was a relatively easy, if terribly dangerous, task. Workers simply cut holes in the middle of streets then covered them up. These days, Gotham’s underground is a mess of fiber optics, century-old steam pipes and electrical lines, some mapped, some not. It’s the job of MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu to scoop out yet more space for additional projects, notably: the East Side Access tunnel, which will connect the Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Station; a western expansion of the 7 line; and the long-awaited Second Avenue Subway.

Horodniceanu, whose resume includes stints in academia and as a co-owner of the transportation consultancy Urbitran, is a man on an endless charm offensive. His job is to negotiate crises that would reduce lesser mortals to tears – shoring up buildings with shaky foundations that delay tunneling, haggling for infrastructure funding with various government agencies, allaying the concerns of Second Avenue residents who must live through the blasting campaigns."

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+ - Google joins SOPA protest, but no blackout-> 1

Submitted by SpectraLeper
SpectraLeper (1079785) writes "CNET is reporting a Google spokeswoman has confirmed that the homepage will have a link highlighting the SOPA and PIPA bills, but will not go completely dark. The spokeswoman also confirmed that the protest link would not be tied to the companies logo. With a total Wikipedia blackout and Google participation, the SOPA/ PIPA issue will almost certainly find a broader audience tomorrow."
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Comment: NYC doesn't do 'trade schools' (Score 1) 188

by stephencrane (#38727308) Attached to: NYC To Open 1st High School Dedicated To Software
People seem to be arguing towards their own internalized assumptions and recollections about what trade schools used to be. (And if not that, then they're arguing over what they dislike about most state and national education priorities, and making this announcement into a target for all their education-related agita.) The fact of the matter is, there are no real trade schools. When they talk about college prep, they're ultimately talking about AP courses and college writing. I've been to a number of high schools in the city, in the 80s, 90s and today, and what vestiges of 'trade school instruction' were still lying around by 1990 are at worst on the periphery. This would be an environment like any new high school, except they'll offer a dozen elective (and maybe 3 or so selective) courses pertaining to software and computer design. It's not an Apex Tech. There may be ancient metal and wood shop classes still around, but whether the've been replaced with C++ and ergonomic design, it hardly adds up to a true traditional trade school.

+ - DARPA builds secure "cognitive fingerprint"->

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coondoggie writes "Developers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency want to build information technology security that goes beyond simply recognizing complex passwords but rather gets in your head to confirm your identity before you get access or continue to have access to important information."
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