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Comment Bathroom? (Score 1) 346

It looks like the whole point of this device is to make it so the parents don't have parents and help their children study... In that case, having to unlock the kid to use the bathroom seems counter-productive, unless it comes with a catheter (valued at $19.99), absolutely free! In all seriousness, this generation of parents that would actually consider buying such a device have worked very hard at removing themselves from an active parenting role. Parents of the new age are TV, video games, and ritalin.

Comment Father & son learning (Score 1) 291

What about when the parent doesn't know that much about hands on stuff. I'm a software engineer and I don't really know that much about building machines/circuits/etc, however it would be something interesting to learn. What avenue would be best for a parent and their child to both learn hands on activities simultaneously? My father was a maintenance planner, and as such knew a lot about making things, but I never got around to making stuff with him.

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