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Comment Fuzzy Hashing, Extractors and Vaults (Score 1) 242

This is an area that has seen quite a bit of research and there are ways to hash fingerprints. I little google searching led to Fuzzy Extractors which create a cryptographic key from biometric data and Fuzzy Vaults that store fingerprints in a secure way.

Comment Re:XEN PV mode is dead (Score 1) 61

That may be the case for cloud deployment. However, there are other very important areas that PVs are being used. For example: qubes, a security focused Linux distribution

In addition, there is actually a full spectrum between PV and HVM: Very few use straight HVM, generally it is HVM + PV Drivers. Linux on Xen ends up using PVHVM. The sweet spot for Open Sources OS under Xen is PVH.

Comment Netflix (Score 1) 183

I remember Netflix used to do this when a streamed video did not play correctly. When a movie wouldn't play the first time, or it dropped in the middle, I would get an email crediting my account for small amount. Of course, this was when they were just rolling out the streaming; now that they are established I don't receive these anymore.

Comment Diversity in abram's Star Trek? (Score 1) 504

Abrams took a historically progressive series and gutted its diversity. Changing khan to a white man and neither film come close to passing the bechdel test. It's sad how horribly he treated the core tenants of Star Trek. What make you think he will do anything different in Star Wars. He make films to sell to the masses.

Comment Re:Sad, regrettable and probably inevitable. (Score 3, Informative) 445

Spaceport America ( is one of these "space ports" in my area. While I don't think this was a good investment for the local governments, it is operational and launching rockets. Virgin Galactic is the main company but there are several others. This includes SpaceX who is doing testing here (Their main spaceport will be in Texas).

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