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Comment: Re:Sad, regrettable and probably inevitable. (Score 3, Informative) 445

by steamraven (#48282169) Attached to: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes

Spaceport America ( is one of these "space ports" in my area. While I don't think this was a good investment for the local governments, it is operational and launching rockets. Virgin Galactic is the main company but there are several others. This includes SpaceX who is doing testing here (Their main spaceport will be in Texas).

+ - Ask Slashdot: What's there to like about the BETA?-> 7

Submitted by Narnie
Narnie writes: I come to /. not for the nearly interesting pseudo-tech articles, but for the lively, self-moderated discussion. Today I'm bit surprised to see every discussion summarized to fuckbeta. Popping up all over the place there's discussions about beta and even alternatives being revived and created. As I tend not to RTFA, I haven't sampled the beta myself. So, I ask you guys, what's there to like about the BETA and what's there to loath?
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+ - Dice runs scared. 6

Submitted by cfulton
cfulton writes: Slashdot management was found hiding under their desks today after a full scale nuclear meltdown on their site. Unable to post a reasonable reply to the thousands of negative comments on their BETA format, they simply modded down all the relevant comments. Then after running around the office for a while they all hid under their desks hoping it would all just go away.

+ - These Are the Companies the FAA Has Harassed for Using Drones-> 2

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey writes: Just as soon as the Minnesota-based Lakemaid Beer company excited everyone by delivering beer to ice fisherman with drones, the Federal Aviation Administration ruined their fun by demanding that they cease operations. But Lakemaid isn’t the only company that’s been harassed by the agency. Since 2012, the agency has sent official notices to 13 companies for the commercial use of drones.

Motherboard recently obtained the official documentation, which was released in response to a source's Freedom of Information Act request. All the letters are pretty straightforward, and most come from regional FAA offices. Most of them are note that the FAA does not allow the commercial use of drones, and that it only allows the use of drones if its flyers have a Certificate of Authorization (usually granted to public agencies and law enforcement), an Experimental Certification, or are recreational hobbyists.

Sometimes they note how the FAA became aware of the company, other times they do not. The companies include aerial photography businesses, storm chasers, National Geographic videographers, and safety inspectors. The list is an interesting look at what people plan on doing with drones.

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