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+ - Australia's Bizarre Classification System for Inte->

Submitted by stavros-59
stavros-59 (1102263) writes "Australia's internet censorship watchdog, ACMA uses the current internet classification system, originally intended for children's PC filters. ACMA has now made what must be the most amazing recent decisions of the whole bizarre censorship debate.

The Register today has a story about ACMA's decision to force Apple to withdraw their ITMS gift feature from Australia on the basis that MA+ (over 15 and maybe sex) rated movies could not be given to children using the gift cards. The films are also banned on the internet but not at local video/DVD stores as detailed on this Whirlpool Forum post.

At the same time, the photographic work of Robert Mapplethorpe(not for the fainthearted) has been classified as PG (Parental Guidance) by the Classification Board which is not part of ACMA, but an agency under the Attorney General's Department."

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The Almighty Buck

+ - Covert BT Phorm Trial Report Leaked-> 5

Submitted by stavros-59
stavros-59 (1102263) writes "An internal BT report on the BT secret trials of Phorm (aka 121Media) Deep Packet Inspection has been revealed on Wikileaks today. The leaked document shows that during the covert trial a possible 18 million page requests were intercepted and injected with javascript and about 128 thousand charity ads were substituted with the Phorm Ad Network advertizements purchased by advertizers specifically for the covert trial period. Several ISPs are known to be using, or planning to use, DPI as a means of serving advertizing directly through Layer 7 interception at ISP level in the USA and Europe. NebuAd claim they are using DPI to enable their advertizing to reach 10% of USA internet users."
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