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+ - Ubuntu not ready for 200 Million Users->

Submitted by linuxnja
linuxnja (2105934) writes "In today's article I describe why Ubuntu isn't ready for 200 Million average users based on my observations working in a customer facing tech support position. Between lack of a service offering, poor exposure and ingrained capitalist attitudes, Ubuntu has a difficult journey on the road to 200 million average users."
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+ - Gnome 3.0 Overview->

Submitted by
linuxnja writes "Gnome 3.0 is the next major release of the gnome desktop environment. This release has had controversy following it around since the beginning because of the radical new UI changes it brings.
In this article, asininetech's "cafejunkie" gives an overview of the new desktop with a short screencast to follow. Worth a read if you are considering giving the new gnome a try."

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+ - Create a -> 1

Submitted by staticsafe
staticsafe (1756212) writes "Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has added a flashy and more cool looking version of ALT-TAB aka window switching. It’s a 3D Aero animation. But unfortunately, the keyboard shortcut for this is the Windows Key + Tab. Needless to say this is an uncomfortable shortcut, which is why ALT-TAB is more frequently used.

But, you can create a shortcut that allows you to use this function with one click."

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