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Comment: Re:False equivalence much? (Score 3, Insightful) 518

by starworks5 (#46006161) Attached to: Nobel Prize Winning Economist: Legalize Sale of Human Organs

Considering that china puts people in prison and harvests their organs, for nothing more than their religious affiliation, it seems reasonable that the market will lead to other "externalities".

Al Roth has done great work with market design, and how to get organs to the people that need them most, by matching incompatible donors reciprocally, however this is another chicago-school "free market fixes everything" nonsense.

Considering the "quality adjusted life years" are coming from somewhere, and most dead people can't consent or benefit from a sale, unless of course you put them into indentured servitude first and "collect" assets upon death.

Comment: Self medication (Score 0, Redundant) 382

by starworks5 (#45927349) Attached to: Daily Pot Use Tied To Age of First Psychotic Episode

Many people who have psychotic episodes, feel the need to prevent those psychotic episodes, and will be "self medicating" themselves. Its similar to saying that people who take lithium salts are more likely to develop psychosis, while there may certainly be a causation there is no correlation. This is why we have twin studies after all.

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by starworks5 (#45571855) Attached to: Siberia's Methane Release Larger Than Previously Thought

Did you even bother to read the definition of capitalism:

a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government

You don't even address the main point, that capitalism inherently produces market failures, for instance what we call externalities. If you think that the failures of socialism is bad, nearly every ecological indicator that we see seems to indicate failure, most of which are borne from a market failure of capitalism.

Furthermore what people refer to as "the third way" or otherwise known as a hybrid of socialism / capitalism IS actually the most stable, as it provides checks and balances to prevent excessive corruption from either the public or private sectors, they are two halves of the same coin the introverted and extroverted locus of economic growth.

Comment: Re:The only solution is workers revolution (Score 1, Offtopic) 135

by starworks5 (#45570867) Attached to: Siberia's Methane Release Larger Than Previously Thought

Actually, a central planned economy is not a bad thing, people who argue about the "economic calculation problem", fallaciously think that a distributed network of calculators, are more efficient than a centralized clearing house.

Furthermore our version of capitalism is riddled with market failures, one for instance not recognizing that non humans are also producers and consumers, because they are unable to "vote with their dollars" in our economy.

Comment: Psyops at its finest. (Score 5, Insightful) 216

When you get to frame the issue the way you want, you can try to convince the people that it was for their own good. Snowden may likely say show that it was used abused in practice, and the NSA likely wants to say that they prevented a suspected domestic terrorist.

Comment: Space exploration a waste of money (Score 1) 481

by starworks5 (#44511819) Attached to: Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes At Google

Using absurd amounts of resources and energy, to go to a place which is environmentally unfriendly, much like going to the bottom of the ocean, something that is best performed cheaply with robots. Beyond having those robots to help us learn things better, the whole idea of "manifest destiny" is utterly absurd at this point in time, we have completely more realistic priorities. We dont need an aerospace (and defense) "bubble" of fake capital, we dont need to be wasting precious minds on this nonsense, and the last people we should be serving is the super rich.

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by starworks5 (#43948455) Attached to: Ho Hos are back, no word on the Ding Dongs

I love how Roman_mir likes to make the unions into the bogeymen of the GM, GM has been under terrible management for decades now, and was a company run by accountants rather than 'car men'. Not to mention that the japanese companies had far better benefits, and are still very profitable to this day.

When you dissolve a company, you effectively destroy its organizational capital, which takes precious time and energy to rebuild. Furthermore Say's Law is still in effect, and having unemployed persons is worse than the temporary losses to the US economy.

But like those accountants, roman_mir has a similar bias, he can see the cost of everything but the value of nothing. He neither sees the value of a government which can save the life of the economy or business through invasive procedures, nor can he see the value in persons beyond what they represent on a profit and loss ledger.

Comment: Re:Why should it be any different? (Score 5, Interesting) 313

My Wife and I got married on OKcupid. I have to say that it worked out okay, despite the difficulty of long distance for a year, travelling across the country every 2 months.

However I think that online provides a different veil from what you get IRL, Because your able to filter out what you want to say to a person, though its easier to narrow down interests.

On one side I married a beautiful geek woman who is motivated to change the world, on the other side I didn't know about the extent of the despression / suicidal thoughts from abuse and neglect.


Comment: Designed Poorly (Score 4, Insightful) 177

by starworks5 (#43891279) Attached to: In France, a Showcase of What Can Go Wrong With Online Voting

Clearly its not that internet voting cannot work, its that this was implemented poorly, credit cards are easy to get your hands on, what really matters is the vote verification. Nothing prevents a person from stealing vote by mail ballots, and using a fake signature to send in the vote, whether the vote is tallied is another matter.

Now if you used multi-factor verification, along with biometrics (webcam photo) and IP logging, you would be able to sample and defeat fake votes.

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