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Comment: Re:God (Score 2, Interesting) 206

by starslab (#33179110) Attached to: Artificial Life Forms Evolve Basic Memory, Strategy
If evolution is the work of Gods, and we can refrain from wiping ourselves out in the next few generations, then we shall be as Gods... And if you follow the mythologies of old, we'll probably be just as stupid and make as many silly jealous mistakes as those very "human" Gods from back then...

Comment: I think this is miscategorized (Score 1) 551

by starslab (#33123258) Attached to: The Recovery Disc Rip-Off
Being unable to install all the vendor's crap and their uniquely gimped version of Windows....

That's not a bug, it's a feature!

I've got install media for all recent client versions of Windows - straight, not-more-fucked-up-than-Microsoft-makes-it media that will accept the valid serial keys attached to the chassis of any mass-produced machine... Now if the sticker has faded off or been removed that's a different story...

Comment: Something wireless I might not hate? (Score 3, Interesting) 181

by starslab (#32907180) Attached to: Wireless PCIe To Enable Remote Graphics Cards
I will admit some incredulity when I read the title. "Wireless <i>what?!</i>"

Very cool stuff if it materializes.

Imagine a small lightweight machine with say an ULV i3 or i5 CPU, small-ish screen and weak-ass integrated graphics. Place the machine on it's docking pad (No connectors to get bent or boards to break) and suddenly it's got (wireless?) juice and access to kick-ass graphics, and a big monitor, as well as whatever else is in the base-station.

A desktop replacement that remains light and portable for road warriors, with none of the fragility associated with docking connectors. With those transmissions speeds I presume this is going to be a point-blank range affair, so snooping shouldn't be (much?) of a problem.

Comment: Canadian government in their pocket? (Score 1) 335

by starslab (#32747960) Attached to: ASCAP War On Free Culture Escalates
I'm seeing a trend here....

I think it was last week the Canadian minister trying to ram a restrictive copyright bill through our government was crying about "extremists who oppose copyright". I tend to give government officials in the Western world the benefit of a little doubt, but now I'm really wondering who's pocket he's in....

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