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Comment Re:Yes they did. (Score 1) 572

No, Joe would be... because he was allowing another person to access your private website and store the information. He is using the private computer, and should know the rules regarding data interception on non-owned devices.

Your argument would be valid if he was on an insecured hotspot and someone was running wireshark and decrypting it from there.

Comment Re:Are they on some older software that can't hand (Score 1) 91

I'd rather type 4 lines of code to rebook your ticket and resync rather than have to wait for AirportApps or whatever GUI to refresh and do it. Six if you include the "ER, ER" to finish the job.

Now, would I want to do a new PNR in SHARES? absolutely not. but for day to day operations, SHARES isn't bad. If you want to see cruft, try working with Deltamatic. The same thing that takes one command in shares takes 3-4 in Deltamatic.


GNOME 3.8 Released Featuring New "Classic" Mode 267

Hot on the heels of the Gtk+ 3.8 release comes GNOME 3.8. There are a few general UI improvements, but the highlight for many is the new Classic mode that replaces fallback. Instead of using code based on the old GNOME panel, Classic emulates the feel of GNOME 2 through Shell extensions (just like Linux Mint's Cinnamon interface). From the release notes: "Classic mode is a new feature for those people who prefer a more traditional desktop experience. Built entirely from GNOME 3 technologies, it adds a number of features such as an application menu, a places menu and a window switcher along the bottom of the screen. Each of these features can be used individually or in combination with other GNOME extensions."

Submission + - Study suggests P2P users buy more music (

elashish14 writes: "A new study commissioned by Google suggests that music listeners who utilize P2P filesharing services buy 30% more music than non-sharers. The study also probed users' opinions on enforcement practices. Users were strongly against either throttling or disconnecting users' internet services, but the majority suggested also that search engines should block access. 52% of Americans also said that downloading infringing content should be a punishable offense."

Comment Re:Just releasing the source may not fix it (Score 2) 161

Whereas having more money just requires someone to forget to take the money within the time limit - the money then goes back into the machine (not sure if it goes back to the dispenser or a different compartment). Yes this is very rare but does actually happen. People don't take their money for all sorts of reasons.

Not all machines are the "presenter" type. I have a machine which has a spray dispenser. It just spits the bills out into a holder for the user to pick up. If for some reason the bills stick together and make it through all the anti-theft/multiple bill detector measures, I just had an ATM shortage. In a perfect world, the stuck bills should go into the reject bin and the machine tries again with a fresh bill from the cassette, thus preventing any loss.

However, any reliable ATM owner knows that they should use new/ATM quality cash and fan it before entering it into the cassette. That 30 second maneuver virtually eliminates loss.

Comment Re:stupid rule (Score 1) 242

If you can't wait 15 minutes to reach 10k feet, then you have bigger issues. Nobody said you couldn't use your stuff after 10k. So, your argument is invalid.

Second off, It's not just YOUR device that will bring down the plane. A combination of everyone's devices, of varying quality and quantity, in such a small area, that could cause a problem.

Comment Re:Truly a 1st world problem (Score 1) 242

Want to fund it? Didn't think so? Here's the deal, there are millions of devices in the world, each a little different. While your iPad may be perfectly fine, iPawd the original authentic chinese knockoff might not.... or Rev A of the board is fine, but Rev B puts out massive interference.

It's simply uneconomical and a huge task to test everything. So, instead, for ten minutes taking off or landing, you can't play angry birds. Perfect solution.

Comment Re:EFF is stretching it (Score 1) 139

The difference here is that Weird Al is selling his satirical works. He profits off of them. If Weird Al decided to remake a song and release it as a freebie... I could *possibly* see him not paying and claiming it as a satirical work. I'm sure he'd just pay it anyway as a courtesy and not have to deal with the courts too when he pisses the wrong person off.

I doubt that the baby made any money for the family. There lies the major fundamental difference.

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