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Comment What I like and What I Don't like about opera (Score 1) 142

With respect to Opera version 10.61 Many people are right-handed ( the ones who uses right hand more often than left ) ---- going from one tab to another ( CTRL+Tab left hand ) (as CTRL +PgDn or CTRL+PgUp is not working ) ---- What is more cookies can't be deleted in one go ---- Backup of RSS Feed ( remember Data ) can't be done. --- While Browsing Firefox - Chrome - Opera - IE only IE and opera gives *.mht ( single archive file based saving ) ---- Opera is the only browser which has in built download manager ----- Notes is another utility
Data Storage

What Data Recovery Tools Do the Pros Use? 399

Life2Death writes "I've been working with computers for a long time, and every once and a while someone close to me has a drive go belly up on them. I know there are big, expensive recovery houses that specialize in mission-critical data recovery, like if your house blew up and you have millions of files you need or something, but for the local IT group, what do you guys use? Given that most people are on NTFS (Windows XP) by the numbers, what would you use? I found a ton of tools when I googled, and everyone and their brother suggests something else, so I want to know what software 'just works' on most recoveries of bad, but partially working hard drives. Free software always has a warm spot in my heart."

NVIDIA GTX 295 Brings the Pain and Performance 238

Vigile writes "Dual-GPU graphics cards are all the rage and it was a pair of RV770 cores that AMD had to use in order to best the likes of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 280. This time NVIDIA has the goal of taking back the performance crown and the GeForce GTX 295 essentially takes two of the GT200 GPUs used on the GTX 280, shrinks them from 65nm to 55nm, and puts them on a single card. The results are pretty impressive and the GTX 295 dominates in the benchmarks with a price tag of $499."

Personalized Spam Rising Sharply, Study Finds 142

designperfection9 writes "A new study by Cisco Systems Inc. found an alarming increase in the amount of personalized spam, which online identity thieves create using stolen lists of e-mail addresses or other poached data about their victims, such as where they went to school or which bank they use."

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