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Comment: Re:Remember kids... (Score 1) 871

by stanlyb (#45059861) Attached to: Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video
That's why you have to follow the letter when you are arguing your ticket. And because most of the cops who are sloppy, are actually sloppy, that means that they did not follow the letter, and made some mistake, big or little, does not matter, as long as this mistake invalidates your ticket.

Comment: Man, you better take some history lessons (Score 0) 871

by stanlyb (#45059639) Attached to: Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video
And then give me only one, i repeat, only ONE example of "goooood" government.
Still waiting....anyway, another flaw in your "thinking" process: society N.E. sum of individuals. Man, for real, take some math courses too, please.
Another flaw: "crime"....You do know that kissing your wife at public space is a China? Oh, sorry, i forgot, you dont have wife, and you dont kiss her at all.
Just for the record, there are only limit number of statutes, and limit number of amendments. i would say less than 100 in total. Not 10 000 rules, conditions, etc. And no, all these 10k "things" are just that, rules, not laws, in any meaning of the word. So breaking any of these "rules" is not a crime. Sorry man, take some other courses too.....actually, why don't you just go to preschool and start from the beginning?

In case of injury notify your superior immediately. He'll kiss it and make it better.