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+ - US experiment hints at 'multiple God particles'-> 1

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "Recent results from the Dzero experiment at the Tevatron particle accelerator suggest that those looking for a single Higgs boson particle should, in fact, be looking for five particles, and the data gathered may point to new laws beyond the Standard Model. 'The DZero results showed much more significant "asymmetry" of matter and anti-matter — beyond what could be explained by the Standard Model. Bogdan Dobrescu, Adam Martin and Patrick J Fox from Fermilab say this large asymmetry effect can be accounted for by the existence of multiple Higgs bosons. They say the data point to five Higgs bosons with similar masses but different electric charges. Three would have a neutral charge and one each would have a negative and positive electric charge. This is known as the two-Higgs doublet model.'"
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Comment: Re:Send Me Out Like a Viking! (Score 1) 793

by stainless-steel-vash (#31230614) Attached to: When I die, I want my body to be ...

Personally I have asked to be dropped into a live volcano.

Return me to my other mother, and as a side benefit, those mourning me will get an interesting vacation- probably to a tropical locale where a live volcano may be found.

Saves on many costs, adds a few others, but a vacation and story of a lifetime (take that any way you want) are worth it.

Comment: Re:What (Score 1) 1747

by stainless-steel-vash (#30389622) Attached to: The Science Credibility Bubble

Doubt is fine, the problem is most people can't be bothered to educate themselves and think for themselves.

They would rather let a talking head (scientist, religious leader, etc) do their thinking and tell them which view point/idea has merit rather than being able to figure out what is correct, or more likely to be correct. Worse is that there is much closed mindedness in that people can't see any viewpoint but their own.

We, as a collective species, need to use our own brains and learn at least enough to intelligently follow a given discourse whether it be weather, law, or anything else.

Likelihood of that happening? 0%- although this forecast has been done without much scientific rigour.

Comment: Re:Will Smith (Score 1) 708

by stainless-steel-vash (#30046414) Attached to: Sci-Fi Shows and Movies Should Stop...

Not that this is likely to be seen...but, if you want a good version (the real version, approved by Asimov) then get the Illustrated screenplay by Harlan Ellison.

When I heard the movie was coming out I was assuming it to be this, when I looked up the writer and it was not Ellison I refused to see it, and still have not...I'll just read the original or this.

Comment: Re:Hometown? (Score 1) 958

by stainless-steel-vash (#29659047) Attached to: How many countries have you visited?

That's ok.
I'm just happy when people in the US can correctly identify that my home state, Delaware, is in fact a state...

Identified as being somewhere near Maine? No.
O, near Boston? What? Boston is a city, we are a state, try further south.

Invariably I have to explain that we are in Maryland- they know where that is for some reason.

Comment: Re:Why is slashdot always behind like 2 weeks (Score 1) 205

by stainless-steel-vash (#29523327) Attached to: HD Video From The Edge of Space, On the Cheap

Look, unless many Bothans die to bring me this "vital" information, I am just not interested.

I measure the value of interest in Bothans/pg. I expect a high amount of Bothan deaths/pg of info. If we aren't talking at least 10 BD/p then I ain't interested.

However, this video was cool, if we can fix the shaky-cam somehow, even cooler.

Comment: Please cite specific examples. (Score 2, Informative) 431

by stainless-steel-vash (#29230911) Attached to: We're In the Midst of a Literacy Revolution
I am going to have to call BS on this one. Two things: 1. Just because all your friends speak the same level of garbage doesn't make you more "Literate." It just means everyone you know speaks like an idiot. It's great that you speak to your audiences level, now let's raise the caliber of that general level. 2. While studying editing for my Degree in Writing (Business and Technical) I had to edit a paper from an Honors level student. I couldn't even understand what point he was trying to make. So, what papers, and from what colleges/universities was she reviewing? I've seen some doozies even up to last month. It's hard to edit for grammar and not touch the content when the content is a turd.

Comment: Re:People definitely neglect science... (Score 1) 656

by stainless-steel-vash (#29054049) Attached to: Parents Baffled By Science Questions
The reasons we teach this, and the reasons it is still important for EVERYONE to have a good general knowledge of things are: 1. Who knows what a child will take interest in, and will then cause them to follow something for life? Can you predict if a child will like physics or literature? No. You expose them to as much as possible and hope they find something in there that they are passionate about...if your choices are chocolate or vanilla, how would you ever know that strawberry is awesome? 2. Why is history important? It's just stuff that already is important because you can learn from past mistakes (in theory at least). It is important to have a general understanding of the world so you don't just stare at the sky grunting and wondering where this falling water comes from...if you don't know how things work, in general, you can be led like a sheep to follow some idiot without knowing they are wrong. It is important because if all you know is how to turn a screw then why don't we just replace you with a costs less and doesn't need benefits. However, it can't think of solutions like an intelligent, generally educated person could.

Comment: Re:1984 (Score 1) 646

by stainless-steel-vash (#28900835) Attached to: Student Suing Amazon For Book Deletions
I would not agree- How much of the ideas and capabilities from the novel have either come to be, or close enough as makes no differece? This alone *should* make this a classic for the ages. I would love to argue that 1984 is more relevant today than say, The Great Gatsby, but with the economy where it is, I would have to admit Gatsby is again relevant (at least to me).

Comment: Poor Summary. (Score 1) 13

by stainless-steel-vash (#28781817) Attached to: Man Catches Fire After Being Tasered
"It is alleged the man was threatening police with a container of petrol and a cigarette lighter, and ignored repeated requests to stop, when he was shot." He had a lighter- now do the maths (? it's plural?) it is 50/50 whether the lighter caused it or the taser. Personally though, I think they should have arrested him for illegal use of a fire arm.

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