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+ - What about the enTourage eDGe?->

Submitted by stacybro
stacybro (757940) writes "A coworker of my just pointed out the enTourage eDGe. Why have I heard nothing about this device? I am usually pretty pessimistic about the latest greatest hardware out there. Nothing I can see about this thing seems too horribly bad and most things seems a lot better than what is out there or even what is coming except the microsoft courier and the apple tablet and they seem to be vaporware. They are taking preorders for shipment in February priced at what the Kindle DX costs. It has all of the important stuff like Android, touch/pen screen, wi-fi at places other than B&N and lots of nice stuff like an e-Ink screen so that I can read for 14 or 15 hours with no plug.
What are they hiding? Does anyone know anything about this thing other than what is on their web page? I might just be buying another new toy in a few months."

Link to Original Source
Hardware Hacking

+ - Hacking a Digital Picture Frame?

Submitted by stacybro
stacybro (757940) writes "I got another email this morning wanting me to buy a cheap Digital Picture Frame. It was almost cheap enough that I thought I might spend a weekend trying to hack it to do something other than what it was meant to do. ( Why would I buy a digital picture frame to display pictures? I can make something that would do that out of an old laptop. )

I have never played with one so I don't really know what their hardware is like. Everything that I could find out on the web was doing just the opposite, making some old pc/laptop into a picture frame. They look to be fairly usable with USB, flash memory slots, video and sound on many.

Has anybody done anything cool with one of these?"

+ - Top 10 "most influential" Amiga games

Submitted by stacybro
stacybro (757940) writes "There is an article on Wired about the Top 10 most influential Amiga games. As someone who actually programmed on the Amiga way back when, I can attest to how far they were ahead of the clones when it came to graphics and audio hardware. I often wonder where the PC world would be if Amiga or Apple had had the marketing smarts (or maybe it was cut throat attitude) of Microsoft."

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