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Comment Apache Harmony (Score 4, Informative) 215

They never used Oracle/Sun Java but Apache Harmony due to the " no GPL in userspace" rule in Android. My guess is that this has nothing to do with Oracle and everything to do with that Apache harmony isdead and it is annoying to maintain a fork. Using OpenJDK could increase quality and security thanks to more eyeballs.

Comment Win16 support in Wine (Score 1) 406

I have found and reported a few bugs blocking some Win16 applications to run under Wine. It is ofcourse more difficult for developers to adress those issues nowadays, but on the other hand is the OS much smaller than the current versions so a 100% re-implementation should be possible. I think it would be great if some more effort would be put into the Win16 compatibility of Wine. At work, we had some fully working machines where the controlling software was built for Win16, and when the machines had to be replaced by Win95/98/XP machines it all became completely unreliable (crashes claiming "not enough memory"). It is sad when very expensive and fully functional machinery (in this case a CytoFluor 4000) gets unusable because of something stupid like that.

Comment "anykernel"-style portable drivers? (Score 5, Interesting) 383

What do you think about the "anykernel" concept (invented by another Finn btw) used in NetBSD? Basically, they have modularized the code so that a driver can be built either in a monolithic kernel or for user space without source code changes ( ). The drivers are highly portable and used in Genode os (L4 type kernels), minix etc... Would this be possible or desirable for Linux? Apparently there is one attempt called "libos"...

Comment Re: What alternative ROM would you recommend? (Score 1) 179

I am curious to know if Replicant works with the latest kernel. One reason as far as I have understood it with the "old" kernels also on the latest ROMs is for compatibility with blob Android drivers. If Replicant does not have those, it should be possible to already run linux 4.0 on it?

Comment big news! (Score 3, Insightful) 299

Distributed storage capacity has the potential to even out the prices over the day and match consumption and production. It also solves a major issue with most renewables. It would be even more interesting if people were allowed to store cheap electricity and sell it back during expensive hours for profit.

Comment Re:Since when is NYC in Alaska? (Score 1) 226

I think the idea is to hook up 3 already existing trans-continental highways. Europe's E30 is already connected to the Trans-siberian highway (so basically a road all the way from Ireland to Vladivostok). The big idea here would be to hook this up to trans-continental highways in North America (the trans-canadian something?).

Comment The nice features of English as a world language (Score 1) 667

As a non-native speaker using English daily with other non-native speakers, I must say that it is the ideal global lingua franca. First of all, it is very open-minded about "broken" pronounciation and minor grammatical errors ("Bad English" is actually a thing). In contrast to other big languages, it is not as obviously tied to a single nation or culture - so everyone can make it "theirs". (Other large languages expect perfection and a non-native speaker will be treated as intellectually inferior) I think one explanation for this could be that English itself stared off as a hybrid language (Germanic Saxon/Scandinavian mixed with Latin midevial French - and possibly some ancient Celtic in the mix).

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