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Comment: Re:Innovation pays (Score 1) 269

by ssstraub (#26140389) Attached to: iPhone Tops Windows Mobile Share; MS Releases iPhone App

Whats the obsession with overloading old people with technology? How useful is a PDA/SmartPhone if you cannot read the screen? I'd wager that any 65 year old lady that truly needed a PDA or SmartPhone is probably innovative enough to be able to figure it out, regardless of which model or manufacturer you give her.

True enough. I should've said hand that Treo to any non-computer person and watch them fumble around. Hand them an iPhone and they'll be using 75% of it's functionality in about 10 minutes. And I'm not talking about "advanced functionality the iPhone will never have," I'm talking about basic call management, email, calendar, internet, etc.

Comment: Re:Innovation pays (Score 4, Insightful) 269

by ssstraub (#26128121) Attached to: iPhone Tops Windows Mobile Share; MS Releases iPhone App
The interface of the Treo is borderline terrible. Familiarity != intuitive. If you can hand your Treo to your 65 year old grandmother and she can figure it out without you walking her through each step, I'll eat my hat.

The fact that I never have to use a stylus or navigate an extremely poorly thought out menu bar at the top of the screen makes an iPhone so much less aggravating as a portable device.

I've used a Treo, and I'd rather keep my old Motorola V300 than use one of those daily.
The Internet

Best Buy Acquires SpeakEasy 285

Posted by Zonk
from the who-owns-your-isp-today dept.
spazimodo writes "From the announcement e-mail from Speakeasy CEO Bruce Chatterley: 'I am pleased to announce that Speakeasy has been acquired by Best Buy, an innovative and growing Fortune 100 company and the top consumer electronics retailer in North America. This is a significant milestone for our company as our new relationship will help us realize our goals of becoming the No. 1 provider of voice and data solutions to small businesses. It is important to note that though Speakeasy will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy, we will continue to operate as a standalone, independent operating division with headquarters in Seattle.' As a longtime Speakeasy customer, it's too bad to see their business moving in this direction. Back in the day when I called up their support with a problem, and mentioned I was using an OpenBSD box as a firewall/gateway the response was: 'cool!' — slightly different from the response Comcast or Verizon would give. I can't imagine they'll be able to maintain that independence, and there's no way I'm paying a premium for Internet service to Best Buy."

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