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Comment: Re:Please.... (Score 1) 321

by sslayer (#46471871) Attached to: Google Sued Over Children's In-App Android Purchases

Google is at fault here. How hard is to make Android be multiuser? This is technology that has been available in Linux since it exists, yet Google decided that each family member is going to have his own device. Now I can't share my tablet with my wife because maybe she can see my appointment to her surprise party.

Comment: Re:what's there to be done? (Score 2) 321

by sslayer (#44854855) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Attracting Developers To Abandonware?
I did some changes a few years ago to icewm that mattered to me. One of them was included in captnmark's official release. You can see the rest at my github.

It's not much, but they solved everything I needed. If you need something in particular, maybe we could get an arrangement though I don't have now the time I used to have and just have a basic comprehension of the code.

As stenvar says, what is there to do? It's been good enough for years.

Comment: Re:I'm not the only one! (Score 1) 797

by sslayer (#35393056) Attached to: GNOME To Lose Minimize, Maximize Buttons
I've been using IceWM for about 10 years now. And I maximize and minimize a lot and, guess what? I've been doing it with the keyboard for years too. People who watches me managing my windows can't follow my speed of action and are frequently amazed.

The trick is simple: alt+space activates the context menu of the current window (just as if you clicked right button on the title bar). The, you have the three most common options just a centimeter from your finger: X to maximize, N to minimize, C to close. Both X and C can be typed with the same hand that has pressed alt+space, so it's quicker than, say, alt+F4. By the way, this three options work exactly the same under Windows, so it's a pretty good habit.

If I need to move a window around, I will never click on the title bar: I will type alt+space+m in 20 miliseconds and then I can move the window just moving the mouse from where it is, without the need to go to the title bar. This also works on Windows.

If I want to send a window to another virtual desktop, it's pretty easy: alt+space+t (for move To), and then the number of the desktop. Want to make a window on top of all the others? alt+window+y (for laYer) and then A (for Above dock) or N for Norma, or maybe B for Below... and all that just with one hand at the speed of light.

Long live to IceWM!

Comment: Re:folders + wiki (Score 1) 356

by sslayer (#35193788) Attached to: File Organization — How Do You Do It In 2011?
If you read the link from GP you will get these numbers:

example statistics (HP Proliant ML350 quad-core Xeon CPU 1.86GHz)
* n.directories: ~4800.
* initial scan: ~ 14sec.
* initial notebook upgrade (only once): ~ 13min.
* zim folder total dimension: 37MB.
* maintenance scans: ~ 25sec.

So it seems to me that you wouldn't wait more than a few minutes to get the new structure written on the wiki. Sounds pretty good.

Comment: Meccano (Score 1) 458

by sslayer (#34294150) Attached to: Thought-Provoking Gifts For Young Kids?
Meccano is remarkably the best construction game ever made. It's not only about imagination and building things but also about learning how to use the tools, mixing them when neccesary and understanding physics (for example, why does this nut gets unscrewed when the motor is on) and learning real world building, and in later years, they should be able to fix their own bikes when they need to change the brakes, because they know the tools, how to use them and why are they to be used that way.

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