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Comment: This world is for idiots. (Score 0) 406

by sseymour1978 (#47620267) Attached to: Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway
I remember times when only idiots turned off pc with power button.
Now everybody does that.
Soon will everyone leave drivers seat.
Because if you are not driving why sit there?
Your reaction is anyway decreased, because you are bored, most probably not even watching on road and talk to passengers.

Comment: Re: Communist revolution is needed (Score 0) 548

by sseymour1978 (#46906617) Attached to: Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts
Hunter clubs members were allowed to have rifles. You needed (actually still need) to pass same medical test as for drivers license. Cannot be mentally ill, cannot be alcoholic.
Without hunter clubs it want possible to contro animal population. Rabbits, wolves, foxes are pretty devastating to farms. This apply to country.

In cities (cities in Ex/Ussr are smaller but densly populated) citizens didnt own firearms.

If you dont aim to be in some executive role / tv star / some very VVVVIP then dont dream about USSR kind of communism.

Humans are born to live free. It is impossible to be creative if you are totally controlled. In USSR you couldnt just decide to change work type. You could not decide easily, ok Ill be a an artist now. You had to learn before - in Academy Of Arts. And its rather hard if you have reached some age. And all your work would need to pass censorship.
Most tasks had very tight time schedules. Many couldnt cope with that and started to drink heavily. Why do you think russians drank/ still drink so much?  Because of good life?
Medicine was better then (for poor people). Every one was "fixed" when needed. Now it is very expensive.

Communism does not work without brainwash, censorship and good wall between free world and communists. Cause when you see what you are not allowed to and you want this very bad. Then leaders have to give you that or have to keep saying that all other world is wicked.
Just like Putin is doing right now.

Comment: Re: Just imagine (Score 1) 845

by sseymour1978 (#45566935) Attached to: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service — and No Google Glass, Either
That would be very efficient way of scam for some busineses. Hey, look at my video. I think that sausage weights less than advertised 100 g. And Not everyone can draw from memory and post on facebook some ugly picture when you open your mouth an put food in it. But with google glass it is no brainer. Especially if at next table sits some celebrity.

Comment: 3.8 billion light-years away (Score 1) 128

While typical long-duration bursts last from a few seconds to a few minutes, GRB 130427A put on its display for 20 hours. ... [W]ith GRB 130427A, some of the highest energy photons, including the new record-holder, appeared hours after the blast.

Maybe light speed varied for particles that arrived here so that "typical" couple minute burst now looks like 20 hour burst ? Reason for that could be particles crossed some dust clowd or some other fenomen.

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