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Comment: Re:No good in Europe (Score 2) 234

by sroensberg (#38256292) Attached to: An Easy Way To Curb Smart-Phone Thieves, In Australia

This is fine if you're an island thousands of miles from other large population centers. The problem with Europe is that you're never more than a few hours drive from the next country. So even if every carrier in the UK agreed to block stolen phones, I can be in France within 120 minutes of leaving my house and I can sell them there.

This would need to be Europe wide to have any effect here.

Actually there is an world wide database ( with an blacklist. But as long as there are carriers in neighbourging countries, who would rather sell airtime than block their customers, its is not going to be effective.


Man Patents Self-Burying Coffin 159

Posted by samzenpus
from the ashes-to-ashes-righty-tighty dept.
disco_tracy writes "A California inventor has filed a patent for a coffin that screws into the ground vertically. The reason? It greatly reduces excavation labor and burial costs, decreases land use, and opens up more space for burials in unused areas of a cemetery. Writer Clark Boyd also lists 5 other unconventional burial options, including lye, ecopods, GPS devices that track bodies buried without headstones, cryogenics and — my favorite — getting buried in the sky."

Comment: What if the music is buffered at the listeners ? (Score 1) 250

by sroensberg (#19627743) Attached to: Internet Radio Will Go Silent on June 26th
What about a new streaming protocol where only the stations original content is streamed to all listeners ?
RIAA song are then only send as a playlist entry. The player can the play the local copy or request it from the station if its not buffered locally.
This should cut down on the broadcasted song per listener count ;-)

The application could even be expanded to automagicaly substitutes songs you dont want to hear or to play your own local hi-res version.

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