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Comment Constant buzzing over my backyard? No thankyou! (Score 1) 55

As much as efficiency and all that is wonderful, I see a problem of noisy drones buzzing overhead day in, day out. Another source of irritation in an increasingly stressful civilization. Would completely destroy a relaxing day in the park and it'd be hell in the city. If they started flying over my back yard, you can bet I'll be erecting nets, or possibly installing a CIWS.


"Woot" Becomes an Official Word 146

tekgoblin writes with a quick bit about new words in the COED. From the article: "Concise Oxford English Dictionary is the smaller but most widely recognized derivative of the official Oxford English Dictionary, which is celebrating this August its 100th anniversary. To celebrate, the lexicon published its 12th edition today that adds more than 400 new entries – many of which reflect the technological vocabulary found in today's society, like 'woot,' 'mankini,' and 'jeggings.'"

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 91

Don't you know? Transparent is the new white...

I looked at the transparent gadgets link and I hope folks will forgive me for being totally underwhelmed by a bunch of pics of artists impressions of how some gadgets might look IF we develop the technology to build them.

Show me some working prototypes and I'll spend the energy to be impressed. In the mean time, I agree with kiwix who is worried about losing his transparent phone and with AC that suggests efforts would be better spent on trying to make a battery last longer than be transparent. Creative types trying to justify their existence again?

Comment Re:John Rau is an idiot (Score 1) 67

Legally enforcable does not mean enforced. My comparison with a physical barrier is that there is nothing stopping a parent from letting their child view the content if they feel their child is ready. Similarly there's nothing stopping them from not allowing them access to an MA15+ even if they are over 15. After all, the Mature Adult 15+ rating has a subjective quality that someone needs to assess when deciding whether an individual is ready. In some circumstances it may be that a parent violates the letter of the law. That happens all the time in many areas of life.

Comment Re:John Rau is an idiot (Score 1) 67

We shouldn't get rid of MA15+ because there is a big difference between Finding Nemo, World of Warcraft, Medal of Honour and Grand Theft Auto. There are some things I would be happy for my adult son to play that I'm not happy for my mid-teens son to play. Violence is not the only adult theme that is covered by the rating.

Remember these are advisory ratings. Not physical barriers. There will always be kids that are outside the bell curve and it's up to the parents to decide if their child is or is not ready for something. Having 3 categories instead of 2, or 4 instead of 3, is not going to place an unreasonable burden on the board that makes these assessments and it gives parents better information on which to make their decisions.

Comment Re:No, you neophyte! (Score 1) 66

My parents used to call it "Lego" or "that mess" :-) Also we had a double-bed sheet that used to contain all my Lego. So cleaning up was a matter of grabbing 4 corners and lifting.

TBH I've always detested the idea of having kids but now it occurs to me that it would give me an excuse to play with Lego again, it's starting to have a bit more appeal!

Comment Re:POINTLESS (Score 1) 198

Agreed. It seems to me that the micro SIM is already small enough AND thin enough. The size of a battery of decent duration is a bigger limitation on the thickness of phones.

And what's a deltic in this context? Google is trying to tell me you're a combustion engine with a triangular piston arrangement and frankly that makes as much sense as sticking a rubber glove on an eel.

"What people have been reduced to are mere 3-D representations of their own data." -- Arthur Miller