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Submission + - SPAM: Wedding Dress

srirainbow writes: "We can help you find the perfect dress for your bridesmaid or maid of honor. Your bridesmaid's dress ads more to your wedding and it is important to select the best that matches your wedding dress. No matter what kind of style you are looking for we can assist you."
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Submission + - Wedding planner 1

srirainbow writes: "Wedding is one of the most important events which has to be well planned and organized without any difficulties. Most of the couples start their wedding plan over an year in advance. As the wedding date gets closer, we might forget to complete some work.. To overcome all these problems in your wedding arrangements, our iWedPlanner mobile app (iPhone,iPod and iPad) and web application will help you to organize your wedding plan according to your wish and fulfill your dreams .You will definitely feel the pleasure of using our iWedPlanner App . If you need any changes in your wedding arrangements, no problem just login to our (iPhone,iPod and iPad) app or web application and make necessary changes."

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