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+ - Customize Facebook Login Page and Background->

Submitted by srimadman
srimadman (1833346) writes "Inside Facebook, there is scope for customization using apps or beautiful timeline covers or Facebook Themes but what if you want to customize login page. Yes, the experience of awesomeness should start right from logging in to Facebook. Here is a solution which will help you to change Facebook Background image and style of Login page."
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Your Rights Online

+ - Team GhostShell hackers dump 1.6M records, the digital dirt on Pentagon, NASA->

Submitted by srimadman
srimadman (1833346) writes "The hacktivists from Team GhostShell announced an early 'Freedom of Information' Christmas present today after breaking out the holiday hammer and pounding on government agencies like the Pentagon, NASA, ESA, the Federal Reserve and Interpol to name but a few."
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+ - How to Use laptop trackpad as touch screen in Windows 8->

Submitted by srimadman
srimadman (1833346) writes "While Windows 8 may seem a bit out of place on hardware without a touch screen, trackpad gestures can help bridge the gap. Gestures on a trackpad work similarly to gestures on a touch screen.
Instead of moving the cursor to the corners of the screen, you can swipe the trackpad to reveal hidden menus and pinch your fingers to zoom in and out."

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+ - Microsoft Windows 8 RTM Enterprise DVD Leaked->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Leaks were prominent and regular when Windows 7 was about to launch in 2009 but it was something missing with Windows 8. But now, the final built of Windows 8 RTM Enterprise N DVD is leaked and available on file sharing and torrent trackers for free download."
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