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Comment: Skynet is coming (Score 2) 64

by sriduttvnayak (#45972747) Attached to: Robots Test Their Own World Wide Web
t+1 year: There will be a startup lets call it "NetBots" by Eindhoven Univ. t+2 year: There will be slashdot post - "NetBots bought by Google for x.y bln $" t+3 year: There will be one more slashdot post "Google looking to intgerate Boston Dynamics ideas with NetBots" . . . t+t' year: Terminator - The reality - Psst... It ain't a movie at your nearest screen...
Democrats Uses Google Moderator System 436

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the they-should-call-it-pigg dept.
GMonkeyLouie writes "The website for President-elect Obama's transition team,, has unveiled a section called Open for Questions, which lets users submit questions and vote them up or down, in an effort to let the collaborative mind produce the questions that are the most important to the American populace (or at least the web-savvy portion). The page is powered by Google Moderator. It was unveiled yesterday, and CNet reports that when they went to post last night, '159,890 had voted on 1,986 questions from 3,255 people.'"

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