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Comment: Re:Release later (Score 3, Insightful) 320

by sricetx (#31931470) Attached to: Ubuntu LTS Experiences Memory Leak
Except for the June 2006 "Dapper Drake" release. I believe it was their first LTS release. They should delay this LTS release too. Who the heck wants a buggy, memory leaking version, or an outdated version of GLX? Some advice Ubuntu devs: Wait. Get the bug fixed. Get it right, then release. The world won't end if Ubuntu is two months late.

Comment: Media Mall Playon + Xbox360 (Score 1) 304

by sricetx (#31628182) Attached to: What's the Best Way To Get Web Content To My TV?
If you have any of the current generation console gaming systems (xbox 360, PS3, or Wii) you can use those as a frontend to a Playon server and can stream a vast variety of web content including Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central (the latest Playon build pulls Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes from Comedy Central since these shows were dropped from Hulu on March 9), and much much more through the use of scripts and plugins.

Comment: Re:.h26x a stumbling point? (Score 1) 329

by sricetx (#31149842) Attached to: Five Years of YouTube and Forced Evolution
Yes, there's no reason you couldn't hardware decode Ogg/Theora on a mobile device, but all the existing deivices don't have the capability to do so. So if html5 adpot Theora as the standard, all existing smartphone users would be left out in the cold. I'm not saying they shouldn't adopt Ogg/Theora, in fact I think they should, but there are drawbacks.

Comment: AT&T's E71x (Score 1) 189

by sricetx (#31027266) Attached to: Symbian Completes Transition To Open Source
AT&T's customized version of Symbian on the E71x sucks eggs. They have taken away a lot of the great features of Symbian, such as the ability to use the Ovi store, Nokia maps, and simple things like the ability to set up an imap mail account. It's like At&t was paid off by Blackberry to make Symbain a failure in the US smartphone market. I've worked around most of these limitations on my device, but would be interested to know if announcement might lead to the ability to reload the E71x's firmware with a stock Symbian build.

Comment: Re:lol @ 'finally standing up' (Score 1) 453

by sricetx (#30178428) Attached to: Xbox Live Class Action Being Investigated
Please folks the rules are you can not get on live if you mode your box. You still have your XBox you just can not play it on line anymore.

Not true.
Microsoft is not allowing banned xbox to connect to media center either. This isn't just about disabling the ability to game on xbox live. They are trying to kill the used xbox 360 market with this move.

Comment: Re:Why switch to openSuse? (Score 2, Informative) 207

by sricetx (#30076644) Attached to: openSUSE 11.2 Released
And it's problematic if you do like editing config files. At least when I was using it (Suse 10.0 or 10.1?) before I switched to Kubuntu, Yast didn't play well with config files I had hand-edited and tended to overwrite my changes. Package management was god-awful in the Suse 10 release too, but I'm assuming that's been fixed by now.

Comment: Re:They've totally lost the plot (Score 1) 466

by sricetx (#30075062) Attached to: MPAA Asks Again For Control Of TV Analog Ports
If you know of any ways to capture Hulu streams (either via webpage or their desktop app), I'd love to know.

I would think that the HD PVR would do the trick, as long as you have a video card that supports component output.

Comment: Re:Wait for the fine print (Score 1) 542

by sricetx (#29814035) Attached to: The Kindle Killer Arrives
Any device that uses DRM to limit what the user can do after they have purchased it has already lost, in my opinion. The Amazon Kindle 1984 deletion debacle is a good example of why giving the manufacturer control of the content on the device is a very bad thing. I like to OWN the things that I buy, not license them. Why does Barnes and Noble have the right to decide that I can only loan MY book to someone else for 14 days?

Comment: Re:CARB, necessary evil (Score 1) 762

by sricetx (#29799229) Attached to: Car Glass Rules Could Impair Cell, GPS and Radio Signals In CA
BS. Auto air conditioning does not reduce mileage very much, according to the article here: "As for using the air conditioner, go ahead. It has little impact on gas mileage." So unless you are starting your car and leaving it running in the driveway with the A/c at full blast for five minutes before you drive off, there shouldn't be much of an impact on mileage.

Comment: Re:But still... (Score 1) 710

by sricetx (#29440467) Attached to: Panasonic's New LED Bulbs Shine For 19 Years
It really depends on the CFL bulb. I have 3 GE G40 bulbs that come on at almost full brightness instantly in my bathroom vanity. The fourth bulb in the fixture is a G40 CFL from Costco that takes about 3 minutes to come up to full brightness. It's a dull red color for several minutes compared to the bright white of the GE bulbs. I also had 3 of these Costco CFL bulbs burn out after only about 4 months of usage too. Cheap Chinese junk.

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