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Comment: change is the best (Score 1) 262

by sraak (#40960511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Position To Work For Long Hours?

change your position from sitting legs on the table, keyboard on your legs, to sitting back and front, lean to left&right...

the whole idea is to forget ergonomical thinking, and let your body to choose when you need to change. just like when you sleep, you don't wake up and actively think that you must change, you just do it.

Comment: timeline is totally wrong! (Score 2) 129

by sraak (#39919207) Attached to: Astronomers Find Most Distant Protocluster of Galaxies

"..... distance of 12.7 billion light years. "
If an object is 12.7 billion light years from us, the time that light takes to travel to us takes.... 12.7 billion years.

" ...the cluster must still be in the process of formation."
Nope. It _was_ in the process of formation about 12.7 billion years ago. Now that said cluster is 12.7 billion years older, and it is either very old or blown away to bits and pieces some time ago.

The distance works like a time machine, and for example we see and experience our Sun about 8 minutes 11 seconds later, which is the distance between Earth and Sun in "lightyears".

Comment: pen&paper _or_ videocamera (Score 1) 569

by sraak (#31059146) Attached to: Pen Still Mightier Than the Laptop For Notetaking?

pen is the ultimate tool for taking notes.
laptop lacks free drawing tools (combined to keyboard noting, free software, for many operating systems, _small_, preferable portable...)
but if you can video the whole stuff then you can freely concentrate on the lecture and if you want, use pen from time to time for clarification.

laptop is limited to technology, in one or more ways and to your abilities to use it.
pen is limited to you. only.

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