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Comment: Modern Television Style - Thanks Beyond Production (Score 5, Interesting) 361

by sr180 (#47734403) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

I am a big fan of the show, but Ive stopped watching it because of the modern style of production - geared to those who have ADHD.
Modern shows now lead the viewers into the direction of the show... So, you have a few minutes of introduction, then a quick preview of whats coming up, then an ad break. Then after the ad break, they show you what you saw earlier, a quick little update, and then another flash forward to what you'll see coming up. Repeat repeat repeat.
With ads, it drives me mad. Without ads, its even worse. 10 minutes of real content gets padded out to a full 45 minute episode. So Ive quit watching - which is a pity, because the small bits of content embedded in the forward flashes and back flashes is usually quite good.

Comment: Re:Valid reasons? (Score 1) 326

by sr180 (#45333597) Attached to: Microsoft Admits Windows 8.1 Update May Bork Your Mouse, Promises a Fix

My biggest issue, that no-one so far has mentioned? Press start, type in Putty. Hit enter or click on the search tile. Putty starts.
Connect to my machine, no problems.
Want to open another connection? Repeat the process. Nope, the start menu wont open two copies of putty, it simply takes you to the running copy. The fix is to change registry keys... WTF? why isnt there a real option to definite this behaviour?

I only noticed it recently, because the update to 8.1 killed my Classic Start menu install, and I thought I try the Windows Start menu.

Comment: Re: Play Nice (Score 1) 238

by sr180 (#44367679) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released With Major New Features

Unfortunately Not quite true. We've fought the MS bandwagon for many years - standardized on Thunderbird and Open Office - however calendars with Lightning and Caldav have just never worked reliable. It appears to work - however it does not scale to reasonable workloads. It does not take too many calendars with a few entries to start causing pauses and issues in thunderbird.
Further to this, the simple features are just missing. Setting calendar permissions? Ligntning doesnt support it - even though caldav does. Finding available calendars on the server - not supported - even though its supported by almost all Android phones via caldav. Also there are serious issues with invites, issues with resources - no good meeting scheduler. Furthermore - tasks are missing some quite simple features - so much so, that most of my staff found them unusable, and either use another tasking program, or use appointments as tasks instead.

We tried very very very hard to like Thunderbird with Ligntning. Thunderbird and a good IMAP server is excellent (we like cyrus - with multiple servers around the globe) - however the calendars jsut arent up to it.
Office 365 - well, the mail is no where as good as what we had, however, calendaring and tasks work (90% of the time in typical MS fashion.)

Comment: Re: This is why (Score 1) 113

by sr180 (#44144037) Attached to: Australian Air Force's Recruiting Puzzle Shown To Be Unsolvable

Its an even bigger issue here known as 457 visas. Even the government knows they are being widely abused however the opposition likes the status quo. Supposedly its only for job types that people are in short supply how ever almost every job you can think of is on the 457 pre approved list.

Comment: Re:The start panel isn't such a big deal... (Score 1) 740

by sr180 (#42204951) Attached to: Windows 8: a 'Christmas Gift For Someone You Hate'

Some of these new metro apps are pretty cool. However, on my 27 inch monitor, the full screen really annoys me. What I wish, is that I could size them, and put them where I want! You could put them in a box, I could drag them around the screen. I dont know, you could call them 'windows' or something.

For my use case, windows 8 is a complete waste of time. The metro interface just gets in the way. In standard form the new start screen is slower and takes more time to use.
2 Common use cases for me:
Windows: Aim to the Start Button Click, slight move to programs, click on program.
Windows 8: Move down to the left corner wait for the start to appear and click. Now move the mouse to the app I want which could be the whole way across my 27 inch screen, and click on program. Or worst case, move to the far right of the screen to scroll the screen across, and then move up to the program to click on it. On my monitor, that can be alot of mouse movement just to run one program.

Windows: Hit start, type calc. Hit enter. Very quick. (unless something cpu heavy is running - may take a while to appear)
Windows 8: Hits start, type calc. hit enter. This is noticeably slower. The search list takes much more time to populate.

Windows 8 without a start screen replacement for me is terrible. Windows 8 with a start screen replacement offers nothing more than windows 7. It feels a little snappier but that's it. Running windows 8 for while now, and I just don't use metro mode at all. As I opened with, If I could window some of the apps, Id possibly use them, but without that, there's no point.

Comment: Thanks to Cisco Ironport - relatively never (Score 1) 144

by sr180 (#42151905) Attached to: I double check my spam filters ...

We use the Cisco Ironport - and have done since before Cisco bought them. Quite good devices - but as posted by someone above - 90% of the work is done by reputation filtering and protocol correctness filtering - which can be done using the normal black holes with relatively no cost. If the spam makes it through both of these, then its probably got a 5% chance of making it through the content filtering. I probably get a couple of false negatives a day - and 0 false positives in the last 3 years..

Comment: Re:Masking tape (Score 1) 478

by sr180 (#41890347) Attached to: Will Microsoft Dis-Kinect Freeloading TV Viewers?

That is what happens in Australia - with our ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Four TV channels, numerous radio stations, very good and relatively unbiased news service - no ads. All for approximate 7cents a day per tax payer. (Used to be 12 cents per day - and they proudly proclaimed this - but then their funding was somewhat cut.)

Comment: Re:That doesn't really show anything. (Score 2) 317

by sr180 (#41877201) Attached to: Boeing 787 Makes US Debut

Cheapest (full service - Qantas) flight from Adelaide to Melbourne 700kms (Australia): $140 (Meal + Newspaper + 1 free alcoholic drink + minimum 1000 FF points compared to BA's measly 125.)
Cheapest flight from Adelaide to Melbourne: $48.

US has it bad, very bad. Australians don't realise how bad flying is until we leave Australia.

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