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Comment Re:$3600 ship (Score 2) 398 398

He jumped instead of opening a bridge which (a bridge) lets you send others in your fleet to the cyno (which meant he went there instead of the people in fleet). The commands are extremely close to each other, pretty much separated by one command. It's happened many a time.

Comment Re:Can't wait.. (Score 1) 173 173

I looked into the TMobile deal and yes, I could go that way but I would only get Edge speed for data. I even looked into the WalMart straight talk, and all they talk about is "web". What the fuck is web data? Is it only data from a browser? Is it from push notifications? Is it witchcraft? I have no clue so I stayed with shitty AT&T pre-paid.

Comment Re:Can't wait.. (Score 1) 173 173

I bought a 3G iPhone from a friend for 50 bucks, got a go phone sim card, pay 60 USD a month for unlimited talk/text. I also unlocked it on AT&T network ( view it from safari) so I can buy data packages if I know I'll be needing it. Data packs are fucking expensive I think, 25 bucks for 500MB. BUT It does rollover as long as you renew before it expires. I'm currently sitting at 1GB.

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