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+ - Heartbleed Disclosure Timeline Revealed 1

Submitted by bennyboy64
bennyboy64 (1437419) writes "Ever since the Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL was made public there have been various questions about who knew what and when. The Sydney Morning Herald has done some analysis of public mailing lists and talked to those involved with disclosing the bug to get the bottom of it. The newspaper finds that Google discovered Heartbleed on or before March 21 and notified OpenSSL on April 1. Other key dates include Finnish security testing firm Codenomicon discovering the flaw independently of Google at 23:30 PDT, April 2. SuSE, Debian, FreeBSD and AltLinux all got a heads up from Red Hat about the flaw in the early hours of April 7 — a few hours before it was made public. Ubuntu, Gentoo and Chromium attempted to get a heads up by responding to an email with few details about it but didn't get a heads up, as the guy at Red Hat sending the disclosure messages out in India went to bed. By the time he woke up, Codenomicon had reported the bug to OpenSSL and they freaked out and decided to tell the world about it."

+ - Students Create an Edible Water "Bottle" You Can Make at Home->

Submitted by Elliot Chang
Elliot Chang (1819954) writes "The Ooho is an innovative edible water "bottle" created by students Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche that is a no-waste alternative to plastic water bottles since the gelatinous membrane that surrounds the water can, itself, be eaten. See how you can create a similar water blob at home using a process called spherification."
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+ - Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO

Submitted by taz346
taz346 (2715665) writes "Brendan Eich has resigned as CEO at Mozilla following controversy over his support for opponents of same-sex marriage equality in California. The resignation comes just a little over a week after he was named CEO. Eich had said publicly he would not resign just two days ago but calls to boycott the popular web browser because of his appointment were growing. Announcing Eich's resignation, Mozilla said, "We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.""

+ - Meet Cortana, Microsoft's Siri-> 1

Submitted by mpicpp
mpicpp (3454017) writes "Microsoft has lifted the curtain on its new mobile search assistant, Cortana, its version of Siri and Google Now

Cortana is part of Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8.1 software, the mobile platform's first major update in 18 months. The "personal digital assistant," has the ability to search the Internet, set up alarms, shift calendar appointments, find restaurants, send messages, place calls and more. Microsoft unveiled the update at its Build developers conference in San Francisco on Wednesday"

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Comment: Re:One of this last good things Ubuntu (Score 1) 160

by sqorbit (#46639663) Attached to: Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services
I don't believe Ubuntu One was a major driving factor when people think of Ubuntu's name. It has it's fans, some who are very passionate about it and I don't think many of those fans would say that Ubuntu One is one of the major reasons they are fans. If you were a fan of Ubuntu before they close down Ubuntu One I don't think it will severely impact your opinion of their distro.

+ - Chrome Finally Passes Firefox In Market Share

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "March saw the fifth full month of IE11 availability with Windows 8.1, the release of Firefox 28, and the first full month of Chrome 33 availability. The latest numbers from Net Applications show that Chrome was the only major winner last month, having finally passed Firefox. Between February and March, IE dipped 0.23 percentage points (from 58.19 percent to 57.96), Firefox fell 0.42 percentage points (from 17.68 percent to 17.52 percent), and Chrome gained 0.68 percentage points (from 16.84 percent to 17.52 percent). Safari meanwhile gained 0.01 percentage points to 5.68 percent and Opera slipped 0.03 percentage points to 1.20 percent."

+ - The making of Lords of the Fallen, next-gen's very own Dark Souls->

Submitted by Ben Sillis
Ben Sillis (3502015) writes "Lots of comparisons have been drawn between the hit, brutally hard adventure fantasy game Dark Souls and CI Games' upcoming Lords of the Fallen, but as a new making of feature reveals, it's no mere imitation. For one, it's skipping Xbox 360 and PS3 to push ahead with HD visuals on PC, Xbox One and PS4, but perhaps more interestingly, it may prove even more challenging for gamers. That's because the bosses will react to your tactics and change their fighting style accordingly — no set routines here. Could this top From Software's legendary series?"
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+ - Progress reported in creating "homo minutus" -- a benchtop human to test drugs->

Submitted by Science_afficionado
Science_afficionado (932920) writes "Vanderbilt University scientists reported significant progress toward creating "homo minutus" — a benchtop human — at the Society of Toxicology meeting on Mar. 26 in Phoenix. The advance is the successful development and analysis of a human liver construct//organ-on-a-chip that responds to exposure to a toxic chemical much like a real liver. The achievement is the first result from a five-year, $19 million multi-institutional effort led by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), to develop four interconnected human organ constructs — liver, heart, lung and kidney — that are based on a highly miniaturized platform nicknamed ATHENA (Advanced Tissue-engineered Human Ectypal Network Analyzer). The project is supported by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Similar programs to create smaller-scale organs-on-chips are underway at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Institutes of Health."
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+ - That BBC "100 Books" List is a Giant Hoax->

Submitted by destinyland
destinyland (578448) writes "“The BBC believes you only read 6 of these books” reads the headline on countless Facebook posts, forum comments, and web pages. But it's a hoax, conflating a 2007 list from Britain's Guardian newspaper (which had simply asked their readers to name which books "they can't live without.") The readers selected The Lord of the Rings trilogy and books from the Harry Potter series — but one reporter notes that the entertaining list is skewed heavily toward British authors. Six of the 100 books were written by Charles Dickens and four by Jane Austen — while not a single book on the list was written by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, or William Faulkner."
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+ - Steve Jobs Smiled After Getting Google Employee Fired For Recruiting Apple Man->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Freshly unsealed court documents show that Steve Jobs emailed Eric Schmidt a smiley face emoticon :) after getting a Google employee instantly fired for attempting to recruit an Apple engineer by email.

Schmidt and Jobs agreed an illegal and secret non-solicitation pact in 2005 which broke US antitrust laws by agreeing not to poach employees from each other. Their agreement eventually spread across the tech recruitment market in Silicon Valley.

Now an enormous class-action lawsuit encompassing 64,000 engineers is underway, brought by five engineers who used to work for the six companies who claim that their former employers conspired to suppress wages to "artificially low levels", and court documents have recently been unsealed containing a series of incriminating emails sent between Schmidt and Jobs."

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+ - Driverless vehicle already in use in Europe->

Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle (2544914) writes "A driverless golf cart-like vehicle has hit the market and is already in use on some college campuses in Europe, including Oxford University. The all-electric Navia looks like a golf cart and, with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour but a recommended speed of about 12 mph, is typically used as a driverless shuttle service. For those at a location where the shuttles are available, a mobile app allows them to both order a shuttle to pick them up and provide a destination. The Navia reportedly costs $250,000 per unit, which is pretty expensive, especially considering that most organizations that might need it would need to order multiple units."
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+ - SPAM: Auto Detailing In Las Vegas 1

Submitted by lunapomin
lunapomin (3592371) writes "Providing professional auto detailing services is not simply about being good at the “art of detailing.” Detailing is not an inexact art that is improved over time. Car owners simply don’t have time to deal with something like that. Auto detailing is a precise science that should always yield the same great results regardless of the vehicle, make or model being detailed.
Did you know for example that something as innocent as using the wrong cleaning product on a black car could leave streaks and damage the exterior? A do-it-yourselfer or an unexperienced detailer can easily make this sort of mistake.
But professional detailers don’t just pick and choose the products that need to be used during the detailing process of a vehicle. Instead, they use special charts that tell them the exact chemical and products that need to be used. These charts that auto detailers develop and maintain are what insures every car of every make and color gets the same jaw-dropping results.The general misconception about auto detailing is that it’s just “manual washing.” However, auto detailing is much more than that. It is an important process that maintains the value of cars and makes sure that issues are dealt with early on before they escalate into bigger and costlier problems. Consider that many people that hand wash their cars use cloths and rags that have been sitting around their garages for weeks or months. These cloths are full of micro-dust that scratches the exterior of cars during washing and rinsing; and most car owners don’t even know it.
Within a couple of months of hand washing your car the wrong way you could take off its protective coat and glossing, leaving the paint more exposed to deterioration. Using the wrong window cleaning products could also damage window seals and other materials, not to mention the fading that some chemicals can bring onto plastics and leather.
Auto detailing even extends beyond washing and maintenance though. In the event that a car has been damaged beyond simply maintaining, a professional auto detailer should be able to restore it. Professional auto detailers often offer paint correction and protection. They can also tint cars to protect the interior and passengers from damaging UV rays.
The Importance of Auto Detailing
All car owners know that they need to change their oil or engine belts after a certain number of miles. However, not all car owners consider auto detailing to be as important, when in reality it is of equal importance.
Nobody in their right mind would go past five years without replacing their oil for example, but more than often you see car owners going years without getting their cars detailed and protected from the elements. Keeping the exterior and interior of a car is just as important as keeping everything beneath the hood running properly.Not maintaining a car’s engine by simply changing its oil will result in a costly engine repair or breakdown. The same results can be seen with cars that are not maintained properly by car owners. The return on investment is just too great for car owners not to take care of their cars every couple of months by getting them detailed.Of course the other benefit of auto detailing is that the detailing will alert the car owner ahead of times of potential problems with their cars down the road. So instead of only coming in when there is an issue with the car, car owners will be able to prevent those issues early on."

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+ - Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash->

Submitted by judgecorp
judgecorp (778838) writes "A newly discovered malware attack uses a smartphone connected to the computer that manages an ATM, and then sends an SMS message to instruct it to dispense cash. The attack was reported by Symantec, and builds on a previous piece of malware called Backdoor.Ploutus. It is being used in actual attacks, and Symantec has demonstrated it with an ATM in its labs, though it is not revealing the brand of the vulnerable machines."
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+ - How Ubisoft's first person shooter experts made a fairytale into a game->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The developers of FPS Far Cry 3 are probably the last people you'd expect to trade in the HD, 3D graphics and powerful gaming engines for a hand drawn, 2D roleplaying game starring a young girl as the protagonist, yet that's exactly what they did. In a new interview, the creators of Child of Light talk about their decision to trade in the FPS genre for a game that channels the golden age of illustration instead:

“I was really inspired by the artists of the golden age of illustration: Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, John Bauer and Kay Nielsen,” says creative director Patrick Plourde. “They mostly illustrated children books, especially fairy tales and their artwork is really amazing.”"

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