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Comment: Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 1) 230

by sqldr (#41486139) Attached to: GNOME 3.6 Released

I used to do the exact same thing re: the desktops, but as I said, I kept just popping up terminals on the screen I was on until I'd made a total mess of it. The interesting thing about gnome 3's system is that switch desktop only switches the main monitor unless you have a plugin installed, which means I now have right screen - what I'm working on now, left screen - all the other stuff (eg. email in one desktop, browser in another, music player in another). I normally have 6 or 7 open by the end of the day. Then after changing a few keyboard shortcuts, I can flip between them as needed.

The cool thing about the above is that you can drag a window into the left monitor as a sort of holding pen so you can switch the other desktop and keep that window on screen. So if something comes up in my email that needs me to check something on the web, I open the email into a new window, drag it to the right screen, then switch the left to the browser. It's a different approach, but once I was used to it I didn't want to go back. Incidentally, I came from KDE 4 which I'd used since KDE 2, with a brief spell using ION 3 which I quit when the author started acting like a dick :-)

Comment: Would it be possible... (Score 1) 230

by sqldr (#41483295) Attached to: GNOME 3.6 Released

would it be possible for this post to contain responses which don't just say which desktop they're using instead? I don't bounce on the mate posts and say HAHAHAHAHA MATE IS SHIT, I'M USING GNOME 3!!! honestly, get over it. If mate makes you happy, then stop whining and use it. I was hoping to read some interesting stuff about what's actually in 3.6 here. that "offtopic" flag is being seriously underused here.

Comment: Re:Don't waste your time with GNOME 3.6 (Score 1) 230

by sqldr (#41483269) Attached to: GNOME 3.6 Released

I actually really like Gnome 3, but hate Unity. Go figure :-) I never used icons on my desktop anyway (there's windows in the way.. it's a silly place to put them), I stuck with the auto-new-desktop feature and now use it far more efficiently than just having 4 where I kept putting windows onto the wrong desktop and ended up not being able to find the damn thing (gnome forces you to spend a couple of seconds planning where to put stuff, which saves you time/confusion in the long run), and I cannot live without focus-follows-mouse, which ubuntu has not only removed, but made virtually impossible to put back without buggering up the menus.

Comment: Re:Unsafe Search, NOW! (Score 1) 149

by sqldr (#41482795) Attached to: .xxx Registrar To Launch Pr0n Search Engine

I always wanted an 'Unsafe search' option.

You want to be careful with that on image search. I once did a search, admittedly for pedobear cartoons, and some actual child porn came up. I was at work. You've never seen the ctrl-w button being hit so bloody fast. (and yes, I did report it to the IWF later).

Comment: Re:Get your head out of your ass (Score 1) 337

by sqldr (#41450157) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

It could be more in tune with getting people to interact with their computers more. I recently had this conversation with my mother:

"why didn't you just click that?"
"I've never tried that button"
"why not?"
"I didn't know what it does"
"that's all the more reason to try it"

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)