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Comment: research your Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches (Score 1) 452

by spyrochaete (#49274293) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Keyboard?

OP, you'll likely want a mechanical keyboard for a heavy use machine.

I used membrane dome keyboards for years. The Microsoft Natural keyboards has my the ideal ergonomic layout and is extremely comfortable for typing, with the added bonus of most keys being slightly different shapes which is incredibly handy for gaming. However, these keyboards wear out after a couple of years and they don't have anti-ghosting which means you can only hold down 2 or 3 keys at once before you lose keystrokes.

I've since bought, and returned, many mechanical keyboards. I returned them because I hated the feel and kept pressing keys by accident. I did some research and the most helpful site was at the link below which has amazing technical diagrams that illustrate the "clickiness" and action of Cherry MX keyswitches.

My advice is to study these animations and decide which looks best. Try them out at a local store if possible - computer parts stores often have a Cherry MX sample board with one of each type. Then look for a keyboard with the keyswitches you want and the additional features you'd like (anti-ghosting, media keys, volume knob, macro keys).

After some research I decided on the Logitech G710+. It's expensive (regular about $150) and a little large but has Cherry MX Brown keyswitches which have a little resistance, an intermediate click as you press them, but are quieter than the Blue switches which otherwise feel the same. It has media keys and a volume knob which I use all the time. I have no need for the macro keys.

My kingdom for a Microsoft Natural keyboard with mechanical keyswitches!!!

Comment: The definition of copyright (Score 1) 317

by spyrochaete (#47565191) Attached to: Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

My limited understanding is that copyright dictates your right to copy media, and the restrictions surrounding that. Laws about software licensing consider factors such as installing software from physical media to a disk, copying code on disk temporarily to memory, how many machines you can have it installed on at once, etc.

I'm fairly sure this is a legitimate lawsuit according to the letter of the law. However, this is one of those situations where the law has become outdated and does not reflect real world use anymore. Not to mention citing the "Audio Home Recording Act of 1992" even though it's not reasonable to call a vehicle a home.


Snails On Methamphetamine 93 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the escargot-on-ice dept.
sciencehabit writes "Science answers the question: What happens when you put a snail on speed? From the article: 'The results suggest that meth improves memory, something that has been previously observed in creatures with large, complex brains like rats and humans. But since the snails store their memories in a simple, three-neuron network, the team hopes that studying the meth effect in these gastropods will help pinpoint how the drug's memory magnification powers work.'"

Comment: Re:wow (Score 0, Offtopic) 413

by spyrochaete (#32157794) Attached to: Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan To the Supreme Court

I wasn't looking to start an argument at all. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there to see what sticks. Nothing did, so it's time to change my homepage for the first time in a decade.

I'm not looking for a website with technology and local politics, or any politics whatosver. I really only care about the technology. I'm now looking for PHP-based RSS parser servers so that I can, as you recommend, build my own Slashdot just for me. I have no interest in anyone's navel but my own.

Just a friendly parting word for you - don't be so quick to dismiss others. In response to my original post I thought "go away" was harsh. Truthfully, responses like that are the other reason why I won't miss Slashdot. Too many people can't tell the difference between a rebuttal and an attack, which is why my opinion is moderated as troll. I won't abide censorship, unlike this hypocritical community.

Comment: Re:see, you care (Score 1) 413

by spyrochaete (#32157138) Attached to: Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan To the Supreme Court

so stop picketing outside mcdonalds because they don't sell sweaters

(completely inaccurate allegories require only simple deflection)

I was going to rebut you but I see that my original post is now moderated as troll so obviously I'm the one in the minority. I concede that Slashdot is a website to discuss technology and American politics.

Comment: Re:if you don't care about politics (Score 1) 413

by spyrochaete (#32155642) Attached to: Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan To the Supreme Court

I care very much about politics. I attend candidate debates in person during elections and I write letters to my MP whenever I disagree with federal policy (usually about technology because that's what matters to me). Politics are an important topic that I dedicate a good portion of my attention to.

American politics, not so. This topic doesn't belong on Slashdot. Surely there are websites about American politics better suited to such stories. Might *I* humbly suggest *you* go there? Or are you the type who pickets outside McDonalds because they don't sell sweaters?

Comment: Re:the most commented stories in slashdot history (Score 1) 413

by spyrochaete (#32155364) Attached to: Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan To the Supreme Court

are political

the reason for this is that people are interested in politics, techie or not. and there's nothing wrong with a roomful of techies talking politics. you don't have to go there if you don't want. so leave us on slashdot who are obviously interested in politics (based on the most commented stories in slashdot history) to our politics, and go away

Wow, I was going to tell you that your comment about the most-commented stories was the best rebuttal to my claim yet, but then you told me to go away. So sorry to have impeded on your private website, Mr. Malda.

Comment: Re:!newsfornerds (Score 1) 413

by spyrochaete (#32155032) Attached to: Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan To the Supreme Court

And if the position of the court swings to support more ridged software patents or towards supporting what is proposed in the ACTA treaty.. won't that have an extreme impact on the technological realms ?

That's the thing about "if". If it happened it would be Slashdot-worthy news and I wouldn't have whined publicly about it. If didn't happen this time which is why I'm reaching for my tissues and bon bons.

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