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Comment: Re:On behalf of myself and other Nova Scotians (Score 1) 475

by spungo (#29465329) Attached to: Garlic Farmer Wards Off High-Speed Internet
Hey -- I lives in the Valley, and I resemble that remark! Just 'cos we ain't got yer sophistimacated, civilized Halifax ways, don't mean we isn't got smarts and stuff. Look at me -- I was smarted enuff not to marry my sister -- I knewed it would be bad fer da youngins -- I married me brother instead!

Comment: Re:Not every machine is on teh webs (Score 1) 359

by spungo (#28678271) Attached to: R.I.P. FTP
I think you misunderstand -- it is a CLOSED subnet -- four or five servers, with two or three users in a secure room. The ftp passwords never leave the secure environment -- no other machines are connected to it -- where exactly are spyware sniffers going to come from (OS loaded out of the box -- no connection with outside) -- even if there were sniffers, nothing can ever leave the subnet!!

Comment: Not every machine is on teh webs (Score 1) 359

by spungo (#28677667) Attached to: R.I.P. FTP
I spend a lot of time on working on closed subnets -- ftp is v useful for systems when there's only one or two users with access -- and everything is done in a secure room. Do we really need to sledgehammer of ssh? Admittedly I didn't RTFA (on principle, you understand), so why should everyone be denied ftp when it is not dangerous to all?

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