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Comment: Certificates try to solve 2 issues. (Score 1) 152

by spudgun (#37312544) Attached to: Rogue SSL Certs Issued For CIA, MI6, Mossad

Certificates serve two purposes:
1. 2 Way Encription. (Security)
2. Verifying the Site's (Identity).

Microsoft and Mozilla's Brain dead Idea of putting HUGE warnings up for "Self Signed Certificates" means that people cannot just choose security. IMHO a certificates primary use.

By using "Authority" signed Certificates people are "Trusting" someone else to secure their data. - and paying a large(ish) sum of money for this service.

I would Prefer if every site had a self signed certificate. and a Separate name verification. - which did not require my stupid browser to click on BIG WARNING MESSAGES. before getting to the site.

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Journal: James Cameron and Jesus

Journal by wojtalsd
Speaking in New York, the Oscar-winning Titanic director said statistical tests and DNA analysis backed this view. But Mr Cameron's claim has been attacked by archaeologists and theologians as unfounded. Archaeologists said that the burial cave was probably that of a Jewish family with similar names to that of Jesus. But Mr Cameron said the combination of names found on the tombs convinced him of their heritage. Read more of this at the following link...

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