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Comment Removing /. from my bookmarks... (Score -1, Troll) 459

I can't read this blog anymore. Every friggin' day there's story after story promoting one politically correct, leftist canard after another: racial bias, gender bias, global climate apocalypse, gender pay gaps, net neutrality (turn the internet into another utility--hey, what could go wrong with that. /s) I'm moving on. Slashdot sucks. Go peddle your propaganda to the remaining uneducated fools that choose to stay here. . .

Comment Re:as the birds go (Score 0) 610

"leave this place as somewhere to discuss the technology on it's own merits."

How do you discuss the technology on its own merits when those claiming superiority of a given technology rely on a bunch of soft metrics and "social costs" which are highly debatable? My electricity bill in CA is 3X the national average because of energy policies PUT IN PLACE BY POLITICIANS. California wants to fight climate change. How does that make any sense when China can freely bring on dozens of new coal plants every month? Some of us are trying to figure out how to put our kids through college while policies PUT IN PLACE BY POLITICIANS are costing us thousands of dollars a year in higher energy costs.

Comment So, tax cuts... (Score 1) 149

to attract specific companies like Tesla provide benefits to the economy on a ratio of something like 80:1, but if a political party (let's say the GOP) proposed general tax cuts that apply to everyone, it would be mocked and pilloried by the commie libs who post here. Why?

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