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Comment I agree, this is a racket (Score 1) 284

I agree. It is all too clear that the H-1B program is simply a way to exploit foreign workers and eviscerate the middle class. In addition, the de-facto elimination of borders between Central America and the United States also depresses wages for even the unskilled workers. All of these things benefit only the elite. An additional revolution, as Jefferson implied, may be required after all.

Comment My first hand experience supports this conclusion. (Score 1) 148

I have remarkable personal experience that, in my opinion supports the conclusion in this article. Very briefly, beginning at age 6, I became sickly and had asthma for the next 40 years, requiring two medications almost continually. In an attempt to lose a middle-age related weight gain, I began fasting, eating absolutely nothing but drinking plenty of water. To my unanticipated delight, I noticed that after 5 days, my asthma symptoms had disappeared. Suspecting a food allergy cause, I continued fasting for a total of 10 days, and began eating again, with certain food groups only, in order to determine which one might have been the issue. Nothing that I ate caused the symptoms to return, and I discontinued using any asthma medicine. That was in October of 1999. To my total, unexpected surprise, not only has the asthma never returned, but since then, I never catch a cold, the flu, or any other illness or discomfort. I have to have annual physicals to remain an adult volunteer in the BSA, and I always check out fine, with no problems at all. It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who had similar results from, by all appearances to me, nothing but fasting.

Submission + - Legitimized thieves at (

sptsailing writes: apparently feels no compelling reason to host only legitimate websites.

[AN #LMN-79146-112]: Abuse / Complaint [Fraudulent website on your network]
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:14 PM
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The user has already been notified of the complain, we are not judge and jury, nor is the site obviously just for phishing or data harvesting. We cannot simply shut down sites because a user says that it is something.We have sent them our anti spam policy and warned if any further complaints it will be shut down.But your claims other than that are unproven and cannot be acted upon.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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which resolves to

Am I the only one who notices that this is nothing other than a phishing attempt?

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