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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Open source employee vacation day tracking software?

sprior writes: I'm looking for preferably open source software that a business would use to track vacation/sick days for employees and so far have come up empty. I found WaypointHR which looks defunct and I'm looking at OrangeHRM which looks half defunct, half bait and switch, and half strange in general with a bunch of website bugs thrown in. Along the way I've seen a couple of other OS projects which look defunct as well. I realize that a solution might be more than just vacation tracking because once you configure the employee info for a company you tend to want to use that for more than one thing. Paid solutions are a possibility.

Submission + - Why does Dell ship only VGA cables? 2

sprior writes: When you configure a new desktop system from Dell the only primary display choices all come only with analog VGA cables even though both the LCD display and the system support DVI. In fact when you add a BluRay drive to the system they also include BluRay player software which won't actually work with a VGA cable (no HDCP). I knew better than to use the VGA cable, but lots of Dell customers won't, and Dell doesn't even give you a place to order one even if you know better.

I haven't figured out yet how to contact Dell at a level able to work on this. Maybe if this gets public enough they'll be embarrassed enough to fix this.

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