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Comment: Linksys NSLU2 (Score 1) 697

by sprintkayak (#29866755) Attached to: Low-Power Home Linux Server?

The Linksys NSLU2 is a home file server which uses USB disks and can be easily flashed with a couple different linux versions. I ran mine with 4 disks in RAID5 and SAMBA, but I'm pretty sure Apache was available as well. It's not very fast and I think the ethernet is 10 base, but it was really easy to set up and I found it reliable.

Comment: Re:What rubbish (Score 1) 931

by sprintkayak (#26587555) Attached to: A Teacher Asking Students To Destroy Notes?
A lesser case happens all the time: just the tests are kept by the teacher.  I've been in classes where the teacher hands out the graded tests, but requires it be handed back, and never returned.  Is the test my work and property?  The teacher wrote the test questions.  Is it then his work and property?

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