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Comment: Re:Missing The Point (Score 2, Insightful) 380

by spqr0a1 (#33940312) Attached to: What If We Ran Universities Like Wikipedia?

Not that learning does not go on, just that most people use it to get a degree to get a job. This current trend is historically unusual, it used to be that most people who went to college would go to be cultured and educated. That was when learning resources were more difficult to acquire than they are now. Now there is a wealth of information on every subject that makes independent study as feasible as college, as projects like khan university and this show.

Comment: Transparency (Score 5, Interesting) 344

by spqr0a1 (#32741914) Attached to: UK Police Threaten Teenage Photojournalist

This journalist will be alright. Nothing gets the government scared like a big steam of bad press (which the internet is more than willing to provide).
Now is a great time to be living. Despite all of the bad news about orwellian government in the UK, not even they can get away with harassing citizens in the age of the internet.

Yup, can't stop the signal and all that.

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